SP Zambia joins ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ solidarity campaign

THE Socialist Party Zambia yesterday joined people from across the world in the “Hand Off Venezuela” solidarity campaign.

The Socialist Party Zambia has affirmed solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and denounce the fierce attacks it currently faces by the US and its allies.

Preston Chinyama read SP Zambia’s statement to party members who gathered at Samora Michel House in Lusaka.

Chinyama said the Socialist Party was aware of the real intensions of the United States of America in oil rich Venezuela and the Zambian militants were morally and practically committed to the international solidarity with the Bolivian Revolution.

“The party militants gathered here today in Lusaka, Zambia, expressing solidarity with Venezuela following an aggressive economic and political attack against the Nicolas Maduro led Bolivian Revolution by Donald Trump led US led administration are resolved to continue standing by the people of Venezuela come what may. Our comrades in Venezuela need our solidarity now more than ever,” Chinyama said.

“We, therefore, join the people’s movement and organisations globally, who are currently picketing in front of US embassies and Consulates or symbols of the US capital on this day following a clarion call by the international people’s assembly.”

Chinyama said the ‘Hands Off’ Venezuela chorus, was not a matter of patronage but a Revolutionary duty for the Socialist Party Zambia.

“The Socialist Party (Zambia) militants speak out against Mr Trump’s attempt to destroy Venezuela like his predecessors did in Iraq, Libya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), using the pretext of instilling democracy when the real intention was to privatise the natural resources of those countries. It is the oil reserves in Venezuela, which is causing Mr Trump and his Washington cabal to try and impose a puppet leadership in that country. The parliamentary coup has been overwhelmingly defeated by the entire world’s increased solidarity.

“We know for a fact that if Mr Donald Trump and his international criminal

conspirators are allowed their way in Venezuela, and indeed any part of the world where they are extending their interventionist policies, the poor and working class will suffer the consequences.

The fight against Venezuela is a fight against humanity and we cannot fail,” he said. “So we hereby joining our comrades all over the world in shouting; Hands Off Venezuela.”

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