Caritas Chipata questions Lungu’s ‘good’ speech

CARITAS Chipata governance unit programmes coordinator John Mthaziko Zulu says there is a mismatch in what President Edgar Lungu said in his national address on Friday and what is obtaining on the ground. Commenting on President Lungu’s national address, Zulu said the President’s speech was very good.

“We have heard the speech of the President when he addressed Parliament and the nation on the state of affairs. In the first place, when you look at the speech itself, the speech is very good. It is good in the sense that it is talking about what should be done but our concern is that these speeches have always been given and there is a mismatch between what is contained in the speech and what is actually happening on the ground, that’s where the challenge is,” he said.
Zulu said President Lungu disclosed that government was still committed to fighting corruption.

“President Lungu said government is still committed to fighting corruption and that government will not shield anyone who is involved in corrupt practices. I think we have laws in this country that talk about the same and the same laws are saying if a senior government official or a
public servant facing corruption charges is appearing in court, that person must be suspended or must be fired. I think this is what the laws are talking about, so now we are questioning the commitment that the President is talking about because, yes, the government is committed and we have laws but then those laws are not being followed, therefore the commitment is questionable,” he said.
Zulu said President Lungu’s speech describes a desirable situation but the actual happening on the ground was opposite.
“Our advice is that let them walk the talk, let the content of the speech be actualised and that is a desirable situation that we want in Zambia,” he said.
Recently, housing and Infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission but is still working.

President Lungu even said he would not be compelled to drop the minister because as far as he was concerned, he was innocent until proven guilty

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