PF treating Southerners as second-class citizens, complains Mukuni

SOUTHERNERS are being treated as second-class citizens by the PF, says chief Mukuni. In an interview, chief Mukuni, whose chiefdom covers Livingstone, Kazungula and Zimba districts, said his investigations in all Southern Province national registration offices under the Ministry of Home Affairs have revealed that only 25 people were being allowed to register or replace their NRCs on a daily basis in the province.

“I have found out that in all the NRC offices in Southern Province, only a maximum of 25 people are being allowed to register or replace their national IDs. Honestly, should we be segregated in such a manner at this time and age? And when we talk as traditional leaders, we are branded as being bad people. It is absolutely unfair by the PF to subject us to such a treatment when we have a lot of young Zambians without the NRCs,” he said.

“The PF strategy is aimed at disfranchising us just because of the Dundumwenzi election results of 2016. As Southerners, we are less Zambian under the PF, we are being treated as second-class citizens by the PF government. They are subjecting all Southerners to modern slavery,” chief Mukuni said.

He, however, appealed to all parents and guardians to ensure that even if it means taking only 20 youths to register per day they should ensure that this is done.
Chief Mukuni warned the PF leadership that they were actually shooting themselves in the leg because some of the young people they do not want to have NRCs were actually would be voters for the ruling party.

“When our own child is killed, no police officer is suspended, but when the PF cadres are battered by the police, the officers-in-charge are retired immediately on national interest by President Edgar Lungu, this is unfair. Justice must prevail for all, be it Southerners or Easterners. We are all Zambians and we deserved the best from our government,”

he said.

A source at the Livingstone NRC office confirmed the 25 maximum target per day adding that new applicants should also be in the queue by 08:00 and when the number reaches 25, the rest if they are over than 25 are turned away.
“This practice has been going on for over two months now,” said the source.

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