Samfya Cops nab witch doctor for killing “wizard”


POLICE in Samfya district of Luapula Province have arrested a 33-year-old witch doctor for administering a lethal herb to a man he accused of being a wizard.

Rodgers Chapo 49, of Sakana village, chief Kalasamukoso in Samfya district went to seek medication for his 20-year-old epileptic daughter from Emmanuel Kasuba who ended up accusing him of being a wizard.

Kasuba then administered a herb to Chapo called Kalola to cleanse him of the “witchcraft” but he died after taking it.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo Katongo confirmed Chapo’s death and the subsequent arrest of Kasuba in a statement.

Katongo revealed that the incident happened on Thursday around 22:00 hours at the “doctor’s” resident.

“The deceased had gone to seek medical attention on behalf of his biological daughter aged 20, who has epilepsy and in the process was named to be a witch after the divination and was administered with Kalola in order to be cleansed,” Katongo stated.

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