We’ll take it calm, strong and soldier on – Mambo

CHIKONDI Foundation president Bishop John Mamba says he has learnt his lessons. Commenting on his conviction on Friday by the Supreme Court for contempt of court in which he was fined K25,000 to be paid in seven days or serve nine months imprisonment in default, Bishop Mambo said justice had prevailed.

He said he would take it calm, strong and soldier on in advocating a better Zambia.

“The rule of law has prevail, we will take it calm and be strong and soldier on. They said what they said, they got my message and I got their message. I was ready for whatever outcome. I was very strong in terms of my mind and all that, I was so much prepared. You never know when you go to the court the outcome. I had it in my mind that I am going to court; I am going, until it came to pass,” said Bishop Mambo.

“Once you have something with court that is hanging, really it is a sentence on its own and you feel for the others. In that judgment you heard they mentioned [Gregory] Chifire, [Derrick] Sinjela and so forth. Those are young people and I feel for them. We committed the same crime according to the judges. And I think we have learnt our lessons. Especially where they said we commented on something…we must be strong enough to have the spirit of forgiveness. What is important is to move this country forward. Lessons are learnt in both ways; we got their message and they are also human, so what do we do really is to soldier on in this country that needs a rule of law. All I can say really is justice has prevailed, they have judged according to how they feel about the all thing.”

The same court last year convicted Chifire to six year simple imprisonment and Sinjela 18 months for contempt of court.

Last year, Bishop Mambo pleaded guilty to contempt of court charges over a letter he authored and sent to Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima, over the Supreme Court judgement that was passed in favour of Stanbic Bank.

Savenda had appealed to the Supreme Court against the Court of appeal’s decision to overturn a judgement that the High Court passed in their favour.

In his letter, Bishop Mambo stated that; “The legal suit against the bank by Savenda, though given a favourable decision at the lower court, was suspiciously overturned by the higher court on appeal. Most judges seem to be more interested in achieving personal ambitions at the expense of justice for all and equality before the law.”

The Supreme Court then cited Bishop Mambo for contempt charges and at first, he denied but later took fresh plea, admitting the charges and apologised for the contemptuous remarks contained in the letter he wrote.

Asked on whether he had money to pay the fine, Bishop Mambo said his brothers and sisters would sell chickens and goats to pay the fine.

“It’s not just the matter of having it once you come out. It’s a choice of yours, you pay the money or you go to prison. In this case I will pay the fine, that is what we have decided. If I don’t pay the fine it means, I will go to prison,” said Bishop Mambo. “I think I have children in the Lord. I have too many friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord including yourself, you will pay. That shall come to pass. They will sell chicken, goats and whatever before the timeframe is done, that will be met.”

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