Chilufya has must resign over toxic drugs – Akafumba

THEATRE operations have been suspended at the Livingstone Central Hospital due to a shortage of some medical chemicals. And NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba says health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya should resign on ethical and moral grounds for failing the Zambian people. However, Livingstone Central Hospital medical director Dr John Kachimba refuted the allegations saying the theatre was operating normally. According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, some perishables had run out affecting operations of the theatre.

Some scheduled operations for last Thursday could not be done due to the non-availability of perishables.
“It is very sad that despite us paying user fees, the hospital is lacking some basic medical requirements…our patient was due for an operation, we were told that there were some chemicals that were not available and that they could not conduct the procedure, so we are left with no choice but to seek God’s mercy to heal our child as the government has failed us,” the source said

When contacted Dr Kachimba said the hospital does not conduct operations on Saturdays.

“We are operating normally. Some patients were operated on and only one did not consent to being operated on,” Dr Kachimba said.
Meanwhile, Akafumba, a prominent lawyer and former justice permanent secretary, said Dr Chilufya should resign for putting the lives of Zambians at risk after the ministry procured wrong drugs. He added that over the Livingstone Central Hospital theatre saga, Zambians were not going or being referred to the institution to die.

“Morally and ethically, Dr Chilufya should have or should resign. This is the guy who is busy trotting around the country boasting that the
PF government is improving the health sector by constructing a lot of hospitals. But what is a newly built hospital or clinic worth if there
are no medicines? Livingstone Central Hospital has now grounded to a halt, what would happen if there was an accident? People will just be
watched dying in pain. Anyway what do you expect from a party of crooks and highly corrupt who buy things at inflated prices such as
ambulances and fire tenders? It is high time Zambians woke up and say enough is enough,” said Akafumba.

The government last week withdrew a drug that was causing severe headaches and vomiting.

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