THEY WANT ME DEAD…Puta accuses PF Govt, rebel sub-chief of scheming to kill him


SENIOR Chief Puta of the Bwile people of Chienge district has accused the PF government of collaborating with rebels in his chiefdom to kill him. In an interview on Sunday, senior chief Puta further claimed that State agents had been working with a woman named Mwabu Kasenge from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, who he also accused of illegally installing herself as a sub chief in his territory.

“These people want to kill me but I am ready for anything. My grandfather who was on the throne for 63 years once told me that if someone starts playing with your throne, don’t let them be. It’s either I die or someone dies. I’m ready for anything, to defend my throne,” Puta declared.

He said he decided to speak so that his subjects and other citizens know that if he died the government and ‘rebel’ group should be blamed.


“I have a problem with the PF government and the police. I am a senior chief of three chiefs, 17 sub-chiefs and 487 headmen. It’s better before I die I tell the nation because the police in Chienge have been given instructions from the higher authority,” he charged.

“But what I have found in the police under the leadership of [Home Affairs minister] honourable [Stephen] Kampyongo is…I have a big complaint to the nation which has given the police in the entire Luapula Province power. In 2014, a headwoman installed herself as head sub-chief of Kubulachipango and when I complained to the police, tapali ifyachitike (nothing happened).”

Puta explained that he formally wrote to police in Chienge but has never received any response.

He said the same sub-chief enjoys 24-hour protection from State police.

“Since the colonial days and even before, Ubufumu bwa Puta ekobwali abasungu balitusangile elo babusha, ba Kaunda ni 27 years, Ba MMD balibushile elo naba PF balitusangile nabo bakatusha (Puta chieftaincy was there; the white found us and left us; Dr Kaunda for 27 years, MMD left it and the PF found us and will leave us),” he reminded the government.

“I am appealing to the President, mufyalo ukobemina bakateka abalufyanya tebakateka but abantu babika mufifulo… (In nations where there is dissent against presidents, the cause is not the president, but those that surround them. Please President Edgar Lungu cross check in your police; that is if you are not in this cocoon but if you are, keep quiet. We have been complaining about this for some time now but it’s better I tell the nation before I die.”

Puta said he had power to install chiefs and remove them.

He further accused other State agents in the district of supporting the sub-chief.

Puta said last month he travelled to Lusaka to meet police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja and Kampyongo.

He claimed that Kampyongo made him wait from 14:00 to 22:00 hours and never showed up.

“Last month naile kuli ba IG of police abo abaishile njeba ukuti mukwai natotela apo mwaisa. Nomba moneni ba deputy IG. Ba Bony kapeso ukuya bamona nabo bati nokutila bwekeleni ku Mansa (I went to meet the police Inspector General who expressed gratitude that I went to see him. But he told me to go and see the deputy IG [Bony Kapeso]. When I met Mr Kapeso, he told me to return to Mansa),” Puta said explained.

He said in December 2014 headman Mututuma was shot dead in his house in the evening.

He said in 2016, the wife to sub-chief Siwali was also shot dead, but law enforcement officers did not do anything.

He wondered how a Minister would keep a senior chief that long without courtesy and decency to explain why he did not pitch up for their scheduled meeting.


Puta said that what has been transpiring in his chiefdom points to the PF government who have been siding with the said rebel sub-chief.

Kampyongo was not picking calls when called several times. He could also not respond to a WhatsApp message sent to his number.

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