KCM locomotive crushes miner underground

A MINER at Konkola deep shaft number one underground mine in Chililabombwe has been crushed to death by an electrical locomotive. Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga identified the deceased as James Katai, 48 of house number 986 Buchi in Kitwe. She says Katai was in charge of Master Mining Services under JCHX and he died around 04:00 on Wednesday.

“Mine accident happened at shaft number one underground. The cause of the accident is not yet established but preliminary investigations indicate that there was a miscommunication between the locomotive driver and the whistle man,” Katanga said.

Katai sustained head injuries. And when contacted, KCM corporate affairs general manager Eugene Chungu’s phone went unanswered. JCHX is a Chinese contractor hired by Konkola Copper Mine at KCM’s Deep Mining Project. Last week KCM suspended works of the project due to lack of funds, sending workers on forced leave while only a few remained.

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