Ndola residents forge consent judgement in land sale scam

A GROUP of Ndola residents has forged a High Court consent judgment purporting to be part of people that are giving out plots. Ndola City Council has for years been facing scandals of illegal allocations of plots by both party cadres and council workers. Unknown people at the council have continued to issue plot charge sheets, which the local authority had warned of prosecution. In 2017, lands minister Jean Kapata suspended the council’s land agency licence following the continued alleged illegalities in land administration.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Ndola mayor Amon Chisenga warned the public to be wary of crooked people selling land. Chisenga said there are people in Ndola who were purporting to own land and were selling to unsuspecting members of the public on the premise that they were part of the 18 people who were on the High Court consent judgment with the council.

  “There is a High Court consent judgment which is involving 18 people. But shockingly, the number has gone to 38. Imagine the levels of criminality where people can even forge a court document by adding up their names!” Chisenga said.

 “Land was advertised in Ndola. Unfortunately, there are people going round in the city selling land claiming to have documents of the land which was advertised last year by the local authority.”

 He warned people not fall prey to those people involved in illegality. Chisenga said the council was the right institution for one to acquire land. He explained that according to the consent judgment, only 18 people on the list were legitimate.

 “Now these additional ones to the 18 are the ones going round and crooking people by telling them that they have won a case against the council. Which case surely? People will be swindled of their money. Don’t buy land from these people, come to the council,” Chisenga urged.

 He stated that the said people were now selling land which did not belong to them to unsuspecting members of the public. Chisenga added that the 20 people who have been added on a concert judgment risk being charged with a case of obtaining goods by false pretences because they were claiming ownership of land which does not belong to them. He revealed that the so-consent judgment was discovered from a person who sold a plot to one of the unsuspecting members of the public. Ndola town clerk Wisdom Bwalya assured the people of the council’s resolve to ensure that allocation of land was done in a proper way. Bwalya explained that all those that were interviewed last year would be given priority as the local authority faced a number of challenges in the allocation of land.

 He said the local authority was working hard to ensure that sanity was restored in the acquisition of land in the district.

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