We must develop govt that works for the people – Diaz-Canel


WE must develop a government that works for the people, says Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel. During a recent working meeting with presidents of provincial and municipal assemblies of people’s power, President Diaz-Canel condemned a mentality of cadres who were not sensitive, did not take action and were bothered when people “come to them with problems.”

He called for fewer obstacles and less bureaucracy and continuing to prioritise attention to the population. President Diaz-Canel said the focus should be on strengthening government work at the local level, while contributing to economic development and increasing citizen participation. He said the meeting’s objective was to strengthen working relations between the central government and local levels, as part of a plan that includes regular visits by central authorities to the provinces.

President Diaz-Canel said conditions must be created for efficient public administration, which implies not only the availability of material resources but also adequate work styles and organisation; a cadre policy that promotes sensitivity and revolutionary concern, without bureaucratism, with collective spirit, and close ties with the grassroots.

“Amongst us all, we must develop a government that works for the people,” he stressed, according to Granma. “Cadres who are not sensitive do not take action, are bothered when people come to them with problems, cannot be tolerated. We must seek government action that is more transparent for the population, so they know what we’re doing, what the priorities are, what is directed toward development, or toward meeting their needs. This guarantees the people’s participation in decision making.”

On the international front, President Diaz-Canel raised concern on neo-liberal attitude.

He said there was a colonising offensive underway, media manipulation, the proliferation of fake news, increasing confrontation, and the US persecution of South American nations, among them Cuba now facing the potential implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

President Diaz-Canel said given such environment, Cuba’s focus remains on the three priorities for government efforts premised on preparation for defence and the economy.

“The other priority was the constitutional referendum, which was conducted and led to a victory, a reaffirmation of commitment to the Revolution by a majority of Cubans,” said President Diaz-Canel while indicating that the economic battle continued to be the fundamental task at hand, the most complex, and that in which the people placed the most hopes. “To rise to the occasion, structures and management must be reinforced and support sought from the economic sciences.”

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