Chieftainess Nyanje seeks govt intervention in arrest of three Zambians by Mozambican authorities

CHIEFTAINESS Nyanje says she will discuss with Sinda district commissioner Paradius Sakala over the fate of three Zambians detained by Mozambican authorities on Monday as they were working in fields on the border between the two countries. In an interview, Wilson Phiri said his nephew was among those found in the field and detained by armed Mozambican immigration officers. Phiri said his wife was also almost detained but she managed to escape, and the Mozambicans detained his nephew, Motor Banda, as well as Jackson Phiri and Micah Phiri.

He said the trio’s hands were tied against a tree and their legs also all tied with wires.

“My family was in a field, when they saw the immigration officers armed with a gun approaching them together with other already captured people,  they asked my wife where I was and said [my family] was destroying the forest with the cultivation, hence they asked them to discuss the matter from their offices. That was Monday around 10:00 hours and on Tuesday we sent people to take food but they said the men are denied access to food and the way they are tied its horrific as they are tied with wires by their back as if its crucifixion. I appeal to government to help us to retrieve the young men before they are killed…” said Phiri.

Meanwhile, chieftainess Nyanje expressed happiness that President Edgar Lungu had planned to visit Sinda district. In an interview at her palace, the traditional leader said she was told by district commissioner Paradious Sakala that the Head of State would visit the district on Thursday (yesterday).

“I am happy because the visit will give the President a chance to see for himself some of the problems that people are facing such as bad roads, broken bridges and also how the fields are appearing, a sign of hunger. There are a lot of problems that are visibly seen,” she said.

Chieftainess Nyanje added that those that the President had assigned to undertake development projects were the ones that had continued to bring his name into disrepute.

“The problem of lack of developments is not with the President but those he has assigned to carry the tasks for him. Him as the President instructs some people but some of the people he sends are not faithful or honest to the people as they do things that satisfy their egos and not what the communities want,” she complained..

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