We’re on verge of a major catastrophe – Akafumba

(By Edwin Mbulo in Kalomo)

PLEASE God can you bring 2021 to Zambia much faster so that we get rid of this uncaring PF government, says NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.
Speaking from Namwala, the former justice permanent secretary said the nation is faced with starvation.
“I am in Namwala having driven all the way from Lusaka and what I have seen in the fields in all the villages brought tears. We are on the verge of a major catastrophe with regards hunger. We are faced with starvation and the hunger that Zambia will face, President Edgar Lungu will be held accountable,” he said.
“Our rural communities are faced with severe hunger. All the maize and other crops such as sunflower have dried up due to lack rains and yet the PF government is busy exporting maize and mealie-meal…this government is not caring in that there are no efforts being made to prepare for relief food. I just pray and ask God that: ‘ Please bring 2021 to Zambia much earlier so that we can get rid of this uncaring PF regime.”
The former Southern Province PF chairperson recalled President Lungu was on record assuring Zambians that no one would starve.
“How can it be so when he is busy selling maize to other countries? How can it be so when no maize has survived in Southern Province? The agriculture sector under the PF is dead and any well-meaning government would have now started to mobilise food for Southerners. It’s a crisis and one can’t avoid to cry,” said Akafumba.
And a survey east of Zimba and Kalomo revealed that crops have dried up and villagers are now feeding the wilted crop to cattle.
Siakabanze village secretary Kenneth Kapu said nearly 200 households were faced with starvation.
“We are busy listing down the needs of the 198 households in terms of food requirements and we hope government can help with chihole-hole (relief food). If this does not come soon villagers will be forced to sale their animals and this will just send us into perpetual poverty,” said Kapu.

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