If you love the Litunga, give him a good road, Kalaba challenges PF

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has challenged the PF government to rehabilitate the severely potholed Mongu – Limulunga road and industrialise Western Province if it cares for the Litunga. And Kalaba says while Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s government pursued humanism as a philosophy, the current PF government seeks only “greediology.”

Kalaba, accompanied by Democratic Party (DP) supreme organ, Democratic National Committee (DNC) member Philip Matavu and Luena Constituency 2021 aspiring member of parliament Likando Sakubita, is in Western Province to meet party structures.

DP national treasurer Justine Nkonge is also part of the entourage. On Friday morning, Kalaba and his delegation paid a courtesy call on the Litunga’s Kuta in Limulunga. Afterwards, Kalaba, escorted by a horde of singing supporters, walked to Limulunga market where he shared light moments with some traders and other people.

In the evening, Kalaba was on Mongu’s Oblate Radio Liseli where, among other things, he lamented the bumpy and dusty state of the Mongu – Limulunga road.

“The road that goes to where the Litunga stays is catastrophic and yet every year they (government leaders) come for the Kuomboka ceremony! Don’t they see that road? They see it but they have not worked on it,” Kalaba complained.

“But they are busy telling us that they love the Litunga! Actions speak louder than words; if you love the Litunga, give him a good road. If you love the Litunga, open up industries in Western Province so that people can see that indeed you love the Litunga.”

He indicated that he had come on the political scene to change the type of politics that Zambians were used to.

“I have come on the political scene to help both the weak and the strong. I have come on the scene to bring back dignity to the people of Zambia,” Kalaba said.

“I’m not a politician! But I’m a leader because a politician lives for the next election [but] a leader lives for the next generation. I want to pass on to posterity! When my time to die comes, I would have left a landmark.”

He said if political luminaries like Dr Kaunda, Nalumino Mundia, Daniel Lisulo, Arthur Wina, Sikota Wina, Munakayumbwa Sipalo and others did not deny themselves, Zambia would not be where it was today.

“So, it tells you that these fathers were selfless and philosophy has got a lot to do with it,” Kalaba noted.

“No wonder Dr Kaunda was promoting the philosophy of humanism where man was at the centre of everything, as opposed to what we are seeing today. Now, our leaders are reading from a book called ‘greediology’ where greed is at the epicentre and nothing else.”

Kalaba added that the expenditure format of the current government, especially on its ministers, was “very excessive.”

“They have bought all these big vehicles for the ministers, the GXs and after that they (ministers) are going to buy those GXs at book value. That is not correct!” he argued.

He said the DP was placing a premium on Zambia’s younger population “because they are the citizens of tomorrow.”

Kalaba also pointed out that he was convinced that Zambia’s potential was untapped and that “when we come together using collective wisdom, we can reach the maximum.”

And Kalaba said “when” he becomes Republican President in August 2021, his government would alter the Constitution in order to do away with by-elections because “they are a waste of resources.”

“We are spending money we don’t have! When I lift that Bible (being sworn-in) in the next two years from now, order returns to Zambia!” he said, further lamenting political violence that came with parliamentary by-elections.

Meanwhile, Kalaba observed that without corruption by those holding senior government offices, Western Province, in its entirety, could have made a lot of developmental gains.

“But corruption has continued and our leaders are not convinced that there is corruption; they keep on telling us that there is nothing wrong with being rich. But they are not showing us the businesses that they are carrying out to become rich. Being rich, for me, in itself is not a bad thing but you need to show the records of how you have reached where you are. Corruption has permeated the backbone of the Patriotic Front government!” regretted Kalaba.

“Whenever I come to Western Province, I tap into the energies of the past leaders that this province has produced. I always remember that civilisation in this country started from Western Province. I feel very energised when I come here because it is a province full of hope; a province that is peeping into tomorrow and telling us that this is our moment.”

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