Take ownership of the party, Banda urges PF members


KAPOCHE member of Parliament Dr Charles Banda has advised PF members to work hard, take full responsibility and ownership of the party by making it strong because 2021 is very near. In an interview at Nyamtuma Primary School where he had a party meeting with wards and constituency officials, Dr Banda said he wanted to ensure that members understood that the party does not belong to the MP, constituency chairman or district chairman but that it belonged to them.

“The idea of these regular meetings you have been covering is to give direction to all our party officials on how we should mobilise our party,” he said. “You may recall that yesterday (Thursday) we had a privilege to have His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia, and few things we discussed is to strengthen our grassroots where policies of the party are concerned.”

Dr Banda said the party should know where it stood before the election year 2021.

“We are not far from 2021, so we should know where we are as far as party activities are concerned. We want to inculcate responsibility in the members; they should own the party, the key is that they should know that the party is in their hands and not in the hands of the MP, not in the hands of the party chairman or constituency chairman but the party is in the hands of the members. I can be gone today but the party should remain strong and functioning,” he said.

Dr Banda called for discipline in the district saying he was not happy with a PF youth who verbally attacked district youth chairperson, Pingilani Banda, who was accused of ‘eating’ the money alone he gets from him.

“As an MP, I can say we need discipline in the party. What I saw yesterday was indiscipline because Mr Pingilani Banda is a district official who should be respected by youths and what I saw is not what we can entertain as a party,” he said. “I expect cooperation between party members in Kapoche and Sinda Constituency because we are all one.”

A youth had asked for money from Dr Banda but he told him he did not have. At this point, the youth went to Pingilani saying the Dr Banda had referred him to the youth chairperson. When Pingilani said he did not have money, the youth insulted him in the presence of the MP and some councillors.

“Iwe Pingilani osacita so, why kaso so? A MP amakupasa ndalama for us the youths but iwe ukudya weka. Honorable uyu munthu azakuluzisani you are not helping the MP. Give us money akupasa ndalama kuti utipase. Sizako nizathu. Problem ufuna kulemera weka (Pingilani don’t be like this, why are you so stingy? The MP always gives you money to give us but you eat alone. You are not making the MP popular. It’s not your money. It’s ours, the problem you want to get rich alone),” the youth said.

But Pingilani said apart from politics, he was a good farmer, who got money from farming. On President Lungu’s complaint over lack of development in Sinda, Dr Banda said lack of funding contributed to the stalled projects. He expressed happiness that the President’s observation would enhance movement of “things in some offices.”

“There are certain things I can do and certain things I can’t do. For example, if I enter the office of finance [minister] or office of infrastructure [minister] and they tell me there are no funds, the story ends there. So am happy that HE [His Excellency] expressed unhappiness because he is in a hurry to see that all these projects are completed and start operating,” Dr Banda said. “The reason of lack of development is obvious that most observed projects lack funding as funding has not been regular and I am glad that he stressed it so that certain things can move.”

He said what the PF government under President Lungu wants to do is to enhance development because people were promised development.

“We promised development and its development that people want to see,” said Dr Banda.

District PF secretary Best Mwanza called for hard work and discipline in the party.

“We should work hard and unite as a party. We should have capacity to run the party in unity but I think as a party we don’t have much problems as most problems we face are from the opposition who want to politicise everything, be it progressive or not. All they see is politics,” said Mwanza.

Pingilani thanked Dr Banda for donating balls and other sports materials to be distributed to youth clubs as a way to promote sports among the youths rather than engaging in illicit activities.

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