The Truth

In 17 months’ time, I would have lived three full decades on earth. Now, those are many years for one to differentiate sheep from goats. Yes, my years are not as many as those for that inert running mate who can’t jump out of The Boat. Anyway, she is my darling and high five to her! But the truth is that I’ve lived long enough to know what is original and what is fake.

Last Sunday, my Headline Matters was titled Nothing and it was full of Nothing. So, let me say something today. Listen to this; the one who claims to be in charge of national affairs is corrupt and an advanced liar, on face value. The one who wants to replace him is pretentious, on face value, still. The female perpetual contender is bitter, on face value and in reality. The burly one is offensive and insensitive and there is no question about it. Then the ‘decent’ one is pompous and is so “SHORT” of care for others.  The rest are indescribable, probably because they offer completely nothing. That is the political truth of our time!

That being the case, Zambians have a huge task to choose what to embrace. Maybe the corrupt liar is humble and visionary? Nonsense! What about the one who appears to be weighed down by bitterness? We should try “it”. Then what is pretence with self-celebrated economic acumen? We should try him! Offensive and insensitive? He gives politically-stressed citizens an interlude of merriment with almost everything he does and says. Hahaha! For the one who is consumed in pomposity, we should not tip him about how failure feels; let him feel it, first hand and he we’ll come down to earth, or is it reality.

The truth is that politicians, like other citizens, have certain attitudes and that should not surprise us when such blow into fully-fledged idiocy, once in power. There should be some sort of disposition we should demand of a national leader. If they can’t live up to citizens’ demands, they can offer themselves as toys to their families. It pains to be short-changed by politicians. That’s the truth!

Some witty and stupid fellow, probably from western or north-western Zambia, expected me to write about the other truth. Maybe the truth of brothels in Lusaka residential areas, the truth surrounding Prime TV ‘closure,’ the truth that led to Chishimba Kambwili to lose, via the Speaker’s declaration, his Roan parliamentary seat, the truth behind numerous parliamentary by-elections, the truth of who owns most casinos in Lusaka, the truth about the hapless fired Sesheke cops, the truth about The Post closure, the truth of who set ablaze City Market and COMESA Market, the truth behind that ridiculous treason charge, the truth behind that needless threatened state of emergency, the truth about all this disgusting call for patriotism and the truth to do with Zambia’s dirty debt. The truth to all I have mentioned is dumbfounding and irrational. But who can save us from all this ‘hell?’ The truth is that we are dealing with insensitive and in most cases light-fingered politicians.

From today, March 24, we are remaining with 871 days to the polling day and date, Wednesday August 11, 2021 and we’ll need to know the truth going forward.  The truth will be known and masterminds of all despicable stuff MUST not die now; we are too hungry to mourn. That’s the truth!

# Let’s vote for true human beings.

The next version of Headline Matters will be on Sunday.

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