Lungu to pluck out violent and incorrigible cadres

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has promised PF members that he will not make the soul of late president Michael Sata grieve in his grave because he has failed the PF. President Lungu says those who do not respect the presidency he will not respect them when they ascend to power. He also said Zambians voted out UNIP and MMD because of violence and that he does not want PF to be voted out on account of that. President Lungu said Zambia was a peaceful country and would not tolerate violence.

“Those of you who have been in politics long enough know how UNIP lost power. Ma vigilante mwabakumbuka (The vigilant, you remember them)? Those of you who have been in politics long enough know what cost MMD power.
You know and some of you are even here. We should change because when Zambians see a peaceful party gravitating into violent action they just say ‘don’t kubeba’ it happened to MMD, it happened to the vigilant of UNIP,” he said.

“I don’t want it to happen to PF under my watch and I will not allow it. So if you become violent, we see that you are incorrigible, we will pluck you out and leave you out in the sun. If you get into trouble with the law, we will say you are on your own.”

President Lungu said he expects PF secretary general Davies Mwila to
 make sure that in Kafue, Bahati and Roan where there are by-elections there was peace.
 He said if they would be a breakdown of peace in areas where there are by-elections, it must not be started by PF.
 President Lungu urged the PF to respect its rule of not transporting cadres from one region to the other during by-elections.
Addressing PF members at Chipata College of Education on Saturday, President Lungu
 said PF party was on the right trajectory.

“I promise you that I will not make the soul of my late president Michael Sata grieve in his grave because I have failed him in PF. I know that the president is looking upon us smiling in heaven that the party is on the right trajectory,” he said. “I am not like those failures who inherited political parties from departed leaders who have failed to grow their parties. I know that power belongs to you and even the wisdom belongs to you. So I should be listening more to you and this is what I have been doing.”
President Lungu said most of the times top party leaders misled him by portraying a picture that all was well on the ground.
“That has to stop because they will be consistently distancing me from the power base because you are the power. Most times our leaders when
I meet them they want to tell me that which they think makes me feel happy but in the process I get misled that things are okay when they
are not,” he said.

“A good example is like what happened in Kaumbwe. They told me
everything is alright Mr President but when we lost they begun blaming each other. This is an example when there is a disconnect between the
peoples’ desire and the desires of the top leadership.”
President Lungu said he wants the voices of the grass root to be heard in State House.
He said he expects to see a transformation in the provincial administration at party and government levels.
President Lungu said the party and government should start working together.
He said every Zambian should know that PF was in charge of the country’s affairs and urged those in government to know why PF was voted into office.
“In short cabinet ministers should remember what we promised the people of Zambia and should deliver that. It is what we told the
people of Zambia that we will do that gave us the 50 plus one which keeps us in government,” President Lungu said.

“So we have to go back to the people and ask ‘is what we are doing what we promised you?’ So that we continue with that
trajectory otherwise by 2021 we will be distanced from the people and we will be going back home. It will be very easy for us to lose the people if we don’t go back to the party as government and say what we promised the people here in Eastern Province for example…” 
He called on elected officials in PF and those appointed in government to know that they were one and the same.
“…and now we cannot afford to let you to distance yourselves from the people and
I let you get away with it. This message is profound to me, its deep because we used to humble ourselves before the people, some of us
kneeling and strolling, rolling over asking for political power. Now we cannot even kneel to greet them, that has to stop,” he said. “

Those traditional leaders you have are our leaders. Let us respect them because we were respecting them when we were looking for votes. We used to go to see them. Why can’t we see them now?” 
President Lungu said when traditional leaders go wrong there was a procedure of approaching them.

“There are people whom you cannot insult for goodness sake. You just have to say, koma my parent is wrong but I will speak to somebody who can talk to them so that they can change. That’s what we do. They are not angels, they are human beings and they can falter and when they are wrong, let’s respect them but find a mechanism
of telling them that ‘sorry your royal highness, you are wrong’ and they will listen,” he said.

“When I get a report that a DC (district commissioner), the member of parliament or a minister has a show down, a standoff, with the chief I grieve. I feel sorry because that’s not what we are. I feel angry because I humble myself before those leaders. What’s so difficult about
you humbling yourself before those leaders?”
And President Lungu said those who do not respect the presidency, if they became President by any chance he would not respect them.
“If you do not respect your leaders and you are lucky you are elected to become a leader in that position know for sure that you will not be
respected. By the same token even those who don’t respect the presidency of the Republic of Zambia, if by any chance and God forbid
they ever became presidents, I will not respect them,” he said.

“They are lucky that they can insult me, concoct stories, tell the falsehood about me, I will never get offended but they should realise that they are offending my followers, the people who voted for me, who gave me the 50 plus one and when they get angry I will not control them.” 
President Lungu called on Zambians to learn to be disciplined in the way they play politics.

“There is a saying in Bemba, I hope the secretary general of PF [Davies Mwila] knows enough Bemba. There is a saying which says imfumu taimya buta, this simply means that a chief should never raise a bow or an arrow and point at a direction and say ‘those people are my enemies…because that is an order that go and attack and destroy those people,” he said. “So if you are a chief don’t even say I have that person or I am angry or I don’t want that because you are inciting your people to rise and defend you. That’s why I say olo banitukwane ningoimba chambe
ati nitukwaneni bana banga kwatha (even when they insult me I just sing and say insult me my children that’s the end). It’s important but you will never be lucky forever. We might get a short tempered man in State House and may not take in to this kind of insults and insolence that I am getting. So let us learn to be disciplined in the way we
play politics.”
President Lungu said PF was inclusive and democratic.
He also said government wanted to enact a national dialogue bill to provide a framework for discussion on how to amend the public order Act, how to go about making amendments to the
Constitution and the electoral process.
President Lungu said government expected all opposition political parties, civil society organisations, the Church and those who meanwell for Zambia to come on board and support the national dialogue bill.
“This is a public appeal through this gathering to all interest groups in Zambia that we mean well, we want to talk to each other but we will not be held down by people with small vested interests which are of partisan nature who want to hold us down,” said President Lungu

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