Most teachers’ disciplinary cases involve truancy, absenteeism – South PEO

MOST disciplinary cases for teachers were over truancy, absenteeism and defilements, says Southern Province educational officer Florence Chikalekale. Chikalekale also says some teachers are working illegally as they have not registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia and have no
practicing licenses.

Officiating at the 5th Southern Province Secondary School Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) Quadrennial Congress at Wasawange Lodge, Chikalekale appealed to the union to educate its members against vices which might lead to their dismissal from the teaching service.

“Most of the disciplinary issues involving teachers are truancy, absenteeism and child defilements,” Chikalekale said.

She said government valued the cordial relationship it has with various unions, adding that the two were there to complement each other and not engage in confrontations.

Chikalekale urged SESTUZ and other teacher unions to educate their members on the need to register with the Teaching Council of Zambia
and apply for a practicing licence.

“Some have not registered and have no practicing license, meaning that they are working illegally. It is law so it is better to register and apply for practicing licence or face disciplinary issues,” she said.

Chikalekale urged the labour movement to not only concentrate on lobbying for increased salaries but also empower their members by engaging councils on how best they their members can acquire land.

She informed the delegates that she was mindful of the many challenges that they face such as payment of settling allowances by the government.

“Don’t lose hope,” Chikalekale told the teachers.

On the issue of promoting union leaders to head teachers since they were administering the unions in their various districts, Chikalekale wondered how this could be done as it was agreed that once one assumes the role of an administrator, he or she ceases to be a unionist.

“I am in a dilemma over this issue because last year the former provincial chairperson, who is head of Kalomo Secondary School, was told to step down as he was a head…so I need to know which side of your bread should be buttered,” she asked as the teachers answered that they wanted “both sides” buttered.

“ZNUT still has a lot of its members who are heads…you should be able to resolve this,” Chikalekale said.

SESTUZ president Sefulo Nyambe said national leaders were not growing younger and should thus groom the youths to take over leadership.
Nyambe said youths have better dreams and were more intelligent to take over national leadership roles.
He added that SESTUZ stood ready to work with the government so that examination results improved.
Nyambe said it was immoral for a teacher to go for work late, drunk or sexually abuse a learner.

Southern Province SESTUZ chairperson Eugene Nchimunya, who is unopposed, said teachers in the province are working hard to promote the education ministry’s vision.

Others that went through unopposed are provincial vice chairperson Robson Mweemba, secretary Gadian Chisenga and his vice Charles

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