Don’t come for Lamba-Lima votes in 2021, Nsundwe tells PF

DON’T come for votes in 2021 when you have neglected infrastructure development, Lamba-Lima Royal Council of Zambia executive chairperson Josphant Nsundwe has said. And farmers in Copperbelt rural say the PF has no policy on farming.

In a statement, Nsundwe noted that the state of roads in the Lamba-Lima area were so pathetic yet someone was shouting “development for all.”

“Don’t come for votes in 2021. There is literally nothing to show for. People have lost confidence and faith. The roadways are a defining feature of modern era. But we have neglected infrastructure here,” he stated. “So the traditional leadership has started a system to find means of maintaining the road network. The executive committee is concerned with the lack of care exhibited by the parliamentarians and councillors. We hope government through the RDA and NRFA will find ways of maintaining the key economic roads. The electorates are wondering whether the parliamentarians and councillors representing them are on the political graveside or holiday.”

Nsundwe stated that the electorates were anxious and waiting to see what comes next. And some farmers have complained that they have been neglected by those in authority.

“What is happening is so shameful to say the least. We have seen campaigns in Roan and what is being said to the farmers in the outside of Roan. Promises are being made but there is no hope that they will be delivered. We are now accustomed to lies by those in authority. One lie grows and it will be paid by another lie. So we will see what will happen,” said Mary Bulaya, a farmer.

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