Electricity tariff hike shocks NDC

COPPERBELT NDC chairman Chipoka Mulenga says the PF is just bent on punishing Zambians. Mulenga expressed shock that the government had hiked electricity tariffs in the face of high poverty levels. Mulenga also said the government was not concerned with the continued job cuts in the mines.

“This is a government meant to punish and induce excess poverty on the citizenry. Job cuts have continued in the mining sector, no job creation and continued taxation is at play,” he said. “The civil service continues to remain unpaid. Contractors both in the private and government are not paid. They further increase electricity tariffs. What sort of a people are these? They don’t care about the Zambian people.”

Mulenga said the PF administration was a curse on the Zambian people.

“This government is like a curse on the Zambian people. Unfortunately, however much we try to advise them, they call us bitter and disgruntled,” said Mulenga.

“But we want to assure the Zambian people that a revolution is on its way. People will speak and they will liberate themselves. Time is slowly catching up with PF.”

Zesco has made an application to the Energy Regulation Board for tariff adjustments.

Zesco managing director Victor Mundende said the adjustments were necessitated by among others, prevailing economic conditions, system and customer base expansion, rising cost of power from new Zesco generation infrastructure and independent power producers, suspension of cost of service study and expected performance following tariff increase.

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