High Court grants FIC director Tshuma divorce

THE Lusaka High Court has dissolved the marriage of Financial Intelligence Centre director Mary Tshuma and Kudakwashe Tshuma. According to judge Mwape Bowa, he dissolved the marriage because he found that Pastor Tshuma’s behaviour of displaying his manhood to another woman in a video call was unreasonable and Mary could not be expected to reasonably live with him.

The court said once married in a monogamous set up, it was expected that all sexual desires or fantasies were to be confined and fulfilled within the sanctity of the marriage itself. Judge Bowa said he also found the constant threats by Pastor Tshuma to take his life, although he denied having wanted to throw himself into the pool and threats to take Omo bleach, to be unreasonable.

He said it was insensitive for Pastor Tshuma to threaten suicide when he knew or ought to have known that such threats distressed Mary because she lost her first husband in an apparent suicide committed in her presence and the respondent was even on hand to comfort her during the period following his passing in his capacity as a pastor.

Judge Bowa also found as unreasonable the behaviour of Pastor Tshuma in Arusha when he started communicating with other women and maintaining inappropriate relationships in spite of Mary’s effort to reconcile.

Pastor Tshuma accompanied his wife to a meeting in Arusha where the couple was supposed to reconcile.

And judge Bowa said it was also extreme and unreasonable for Pastor Tshuma to stop talking to the children whenever he was displeased with their conduct.

“I hereby dissolve the marriage between the petitioner and the respondent and grant a decree nisi which shall be made absolutely within six weeks from the date of judgment unless sufficient cause is shown why it should not be made so,” the judge said.

Judge Bowa further ordered that in terms of Statutory Instrument No. 72 of 2018 and regulation 4 (4) in particular the question of property settlement, maintenance and custody of the children would be referred to mediation on application by either party and that each party would bear own costs for the petition.

Mary asked the court to dissolve the marriage because her husband was in a habit of threatening to kill himself and had affairs with a number of women.

She, therefore, said she could not be expected to reasonably live with him and prayed that the marriage be dissolved.

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