I’m not affected – Catherine

FORMER WBC champion Catherine Phiri says she has always been ready for any outcome because she knows sports results can go either way.

And Catherine’s promoter and manager Christopher Malunga says he has engaged the WBC for help because he thinks there were some ‘serious issues’ that happened during the fight.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Catherine who over the weekend lost her bid to reclaim her title against Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika said the result in the fight meant her “going back to the gym” and working harder.

“Coming to the fight, the loss, it does not affect me in any way because this is sport and you have to accept both results whether you win or lose. So it does not affect me. It only means going back in the gym and train hard and fight more,” Catherine said.

She said if she met Fatuma in the ring again, she would prepare herself for all 10 rounds.

“She [Fatuma] is a good boxer and I can’t predict a knockout [if I fought her again] because she is a good boxer and she is in the gym and she is training and I train for all the 10 rounds. I think I did not get as much punches as I got the last time we fought. Last time she had so many punches but this time around I did not receive as much as I did in the first encounter,” said Catherine.

And Malunga said he had engaged private judges and the WBC to investigate the alleged issues.

“There are issues to do with the boxing board of Kenya which we have raised concerning that fight with WBC and WBC have already said that they have noted and that they are going to inform the Boxing Board of Control officially so that they can take it up also,” Malunga said.

“As Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions, we handle things in a very professional and transparent manner. When we have such a fight we always sit down with professional people to judge and come up with individual reports and also the boxing board of control we have been sitting down with them. There are a lot of serious issues coming from the boxing board of Kenya. This was a professional fight, it has its own guidelines and those guidelines were not followed. I cannot go into details because I am going to go into the investigations which are ongoing by WBC.”

Meanwhile, an unnamed chief has given Catherine 250 hectares of land and two heads of cattle.

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