Lungu has abandoned the PF manifesto – Kabwita

NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita says the PF is failing to set right priorities to bring down the cost of living but are busy spending money on vote buying in Roan Constituency.

In a statement, Kabwita stated that it was shocking that the PF was celebrating the suffering of ex-miners in Luanshya.

“The net present value of the unit cost of electricity is not reasonable and manageable by the ex-miners in Roan Constituency. The increase in electricity tariff will disadvantage a barber and hair saloon businesslady in Roan Constituency,” he said. “President Edgar Lungu has abandoned the PF manifesto of lower taxes and creation of jobs. The by-election in Roan Constituency has exposed the PF government’s failure to intervene, insuring that ex-mine workers are paid their benefits and create jobs for the youths in the mining town who are languishing in abject poverty.”

Kabwita, the NDC deputy campaign manager, appealed to all the residents of Roan Constituency to turn out in large numbers on April 11 to vote for Joseph Chishala.

“The money the PF are giving you should not deceive you into voting for the PF candidate. Instead get all the gifts that they are giving you during this period of campaign, it is Christmas in March and on election day, show them that Ukutumpa basha kumushi, donchi kubeba PF slogan must work against them in Roan Constituency,” said Kabwita. “The PF government has created poverty in many parts of Zambia, including Roan Constituency, thereby making it difficult for people to choose their leaders based on performance.”

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