Lungu has become too blind to see people’s suffering – Bishop Chisala


IT appears President Edgar Lungu has become too blind to see people’s suffering because of his luxurious life, says All Nations Church Overseer Bishop Timothy Chisala. In an interview, Bishop Chisala said it is no longer a secret that things are not okay in the country. He said it is extremely shocking that President Lungu can even find it easy to dance at political rallies asking for votes from people that are suffering.

“We have a lot of examples to cite which show that things are not okay in the country. There is massive suffering in Zambia. It appears President Edgar Lungu has become too blind to see the sufferings of people because of his luxurious life,” Bishop Chisala said.

“Look at the lecturers at CBU and UNZA. Look at the council workers. Look at the civil servants’ salary delays. What kind of governance is this? We are not against the government of President Edgar Lungu. It is because we love and respect elected leaders that is why we speak so that in case they have forgotten or cannot see the sufferings of the people, we remind them.”

Bishop Chisala said it was evil to overlook the sufferings of the people. He said it pains to see leaders dance and be merry while citizens were suffering.

“Look at the dances, the joy and excitement on the faces of those in authority! To them all is rosy and good, but what of the common man? What of the youth seeking employment? What of that woman, mother, who needs to take care of her children? These should be the concerns of our leaders.”

He described the impending hike in electricity tariffs as evil.

“This decision is not good. It is evil to increase electricity when the majority of our people are in abject poverty. This is so wrong. What is happening to our leaders? It is very unfortunate that our leaders find joy in the sufferings of the people. Why should the government through Zesco allow the increase in electricity at this time when the country is so broke and people are suffering? In whose interest is this decision? Zambians will open up their eyes,” Bishop Chisala said.

“Lecturers are not paid. This is compromising the levels of tertiary education in Zambia. The PF has not taken education seriously. This is so sad and will backfire on them very soon.”

He prayed that God should open the eyes of the leaders to see the people’s suffering.

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