Lusambo describes as sheer stupidity Kambwili’s call on Lungu to resign

(By Charles Tembo in Luanshya)

KABUSHI member of parliament Bowman Lusambo says it is sheer stupidity for NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to ask President Edgar Lungu to resign on the basis that he is in charge of the national purse.

And Lusambo says it is the last time he is warning Kambwili against disrespecting the Head of State.

While visiting Patriots for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo who was arrested for allegedly defaming President Lungu, Kambwili called for the Head of State’s resignation on moral grounds.

He said he saw nothing wrong with what Tembo was demanding [for President Lungu to be subjected to mental examinations following a litany of what he considered irrational decisions and actions] given that President Lungu had admitted to drinking beer, which was a major cause of mental illness.

He added that what Tembo was demanding was provided for in the Zambian Constitution. Kambwili said with President Lungu’s strange acts and pronouncements, there was a reason to subject him to a mental examination.

“President Lungu has accepted that he is a drunkard and excessive beer drinking is a mental problem, so if the man has already accepted that he has a mental problem why should you arrest somebody for questioning him?” Kambwili asked.

“The major problems we have as far as mental cases are concerned is alcohol abuse and the man has already accepted that he has a problem in that area…and the Constitution provides that if an individual citizen feels that the President is behaving in a manner not befitting the Head of State, you can invoke the provisions of the Constitution to ask him to be checked on his mental faculties and what is wrong with that? We have stooped so low in this country but I can tell you… ‘aba abali apa ebakwata ulupiya (this man you see here is the one who has got money)’ and the President starts dancing, ‘Eeeeh, Eeeeh’, ba President tebupuba bulya (isn’t that foolishness)? People are suffering but somebody alekulumba ati ebakwata akasaka kandalama (praising you that you are the one with a bag of money), then you go and dance as a President, money that you got illegally, that’s an insult to the people of Zambia.”

But speaking in Luanshya when drumming support for PF candidate Joel Chibuye ahead of the April 11 Roan parliamentary by-election, Lusambo said he would not tolerate anymore insults on President Lungu.

He said Kambwili should also stop speaking from Lusaka but face him in Roan.

“Ba Kambwili stop ranting in Lusaka, come, join to explain to the residents of Roan as to where you took the railway slippers, you ripped off the railway line in Luanshya leaving it naked and cutting off the rail service to the town. These attacks on President Edgar Lungu who is a good President for Zambia are nothing but cheap politicking,” Lusambo said.

He said these attacks on what the President said was a classic example of political opponents resorting to trivial issues for political survival.


“When you see your political rivals resorting to non-issues in order to attempt to stay politically relevant, then just know that you are delivering. At the rally, the speaker clearly mentioned that the Head of State carries with him the national purse. If that is not true, then my Civics School Teacher lied! Our Constitution stipulates the functions of the Office of the President and among them is to oversee all national issues including managing the fiscus. Even by appointment, the Minister of Finance manages the national treasury for and on behalf of the President who has the mandate from the people of Zambia,” Lusambo said.

“Now listening to Kambwili attempting to cast aspersions on President Lungu even going to the extent of asking for his resignation is simply being stupid.”

Lusambo has demanded that Kambwili and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema quickly get to Luanshya and respond to some pertinent questions from the residents.

“He should also be reminded that as he is ranting in Lusaka, I am in Luanshya interacting with our people and can attest to how much he is hated here. He should not forget to come back quickly and face me in Roan. The people of Roan have serious questions for Kambwili and his new bedfellow Hakainde Hichilema. The people of Roan want to know why the two stripped the beautiful town of some of its assets.”

“For Hakainde Hichilema, the people of Roan want to know why he and the Receiver Manager for the sale of RAMCOZ failed to pay the miners their terminal benefits following a shambolic privatisation exercise,” Lusambo said.


He said Kambwili and Hichilema should thank their lucky stars that they were conducting politics under a tolerant and patient Head of State.

“There is nothing that warrants a Republican President who is enjoying very good approval ratings countrywide to cut short his full five-year mandate. It will be folly, if not disingenuous to listen to the likes of Kambwili whose main obsession is to satisfy their political bellies,” he said.

“The two gentlemen should thank their lucky stars that they are doing politics during the administration of His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who is a very tolerant and patient leader but they should know that one day, they will be made to account,” said Lusambo./

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