What a foolish, stupid, useless and desperate Bill!

The three Church mother bodies’ rejection of the national dialogue (Constitution, electoral process, public order and political parties) Bill is right and the deserves support of all other stakeholders of goodwill.
It’s indeed very clear that Edgar Lungu intends to maintain control of the national dialogue and reconciliation process and manipulate it.
There is too much immaturity and irrationality in this government of Edgar.
If we may, rationality is being truthful and driven by honest conviction to act and die for what is highly moral as “law is the objectivity” of good instinct.  True, but we resent that good never seems to triumph for long before some evil interrupts. Sadly, this is the case in Edgar’s Zambia considering the recent rejection of Church-led national dialogue and reconciliation initiative.
Edgar rejected the Church-led dialogue and reconciliation initiative despite its overwhelming support from Zambians. Inability to think and political jealousy to earn credits for what one did not sow matters in Zambia, so long as one is in a position of power. This is where things don’t get done in this country, because free thinkers are not allowed to think freely to enhance innovative ideas. Everyone is expected to play dumb to resemble the boss, the President. Such trends are the political reality in today’s Zambia and where the Church-led national dialogue and reconciliation was rejected by Edgar on baseless grounds.
By all accounts, it was a desperate and blinded move to say the least. It is equally painful to many who wanted to see a return of sanity, peaceful and clean politics to our country, and desperately disappointing to see that Edgar was indeed an obstacle to the national dialogue and reconciliation process.
It is one of the grossest mistakes ever committed by a sitting president. It is a political blunder. It is deplorable and unforgivable injustice done by Edgar to our people. Above all, it is undoubtedly an endorsement and affirmation of the corrupt and intolerant nature of his regime.
Lack of political shrewdness has complicated matters and in many respects has led to this foolish, stupid, desperate and useless Bill which has been equally poorly presented just like the previous insidious rejection of the Church-led national dialogue and reconciliation initiative before it.
In a nutshell, since the untimely death of Michael Sata in 2014, Zambia has politically been downgrading at a disappointingly rapid pace and more so toward a tyrannical and de facto one party state.
After Edgar ascended to power in 2015, ideals, values and principles of democracy, tolerance and simple decency were thrown overboard and became things of the past in Zambia.
At will, Edgar placed his cronies in sensitive positions which include the judiciary, police and security apparatus.
After ensuring control over these institutions, Edgar and his minions set out on the next phase of self-enrichment.
Where did they get the money from? It is simply because they got it wrongly.
That said, the rejection of the Church-led national dialogue and reconciliation initiative by Edgar and its replacement by an ill-conceived Bill is just another insidious political blunder in human context.
With a Bill which no one else other than Edgar and his minions will accept, Zambia is once again placed at the crossroads, between good and evil. Weirdly, the evils in their distorted terms are appreciative of the direction of which the nation is heading while the good masses are indifferent and confused.
People are numbed to the core and ceased to think. Few who asked honest questions are threatened, arrested and accused of all sorts of stupid things.
What a shame! No one can justify beyond reasonable doubt that the rejected Church-led national dialogue and reconciliation was a political enterprise, or has been used as one by anyone. The fear was based on political insecurity and lack of political shrewdness from Edgar and his minions.
Another disappointing fact was that Edgar allowed himself to be driven, misled and grossly manipulated at his disadvantage by well stationed crooks whose aims are to set him up for failure as President.
However, this is not the first time Edgar is making such erroneous and regrettable decisions based on ill-informed advice from crooks who are exploiting his weak self-confidence, self-esteem in the absence of political shrewdness.

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