NO THIRD TERM…let’s respect the Constitution – chief Kasempa

(By Charles Tembo in Kasempa)

SENIOR Chief Kasempa of the Kaonde people of North Western Province says Zambians today know what is happening in the country and will not be told what to do. Meanwhile, Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba says hooliganism will not save the PF. Kasempa said those who want to push their mandate beyond what is in the Constitution will face the Zambian people.
He urged Zambians to open their eyes adding that the “Constitution only allows for two terms, so anyone who wants a third term will not succeed.”

The traditional leader said this on Friday when Kalaba called on him at his palace.

Earlier, in the day PF cadres ambushed Kalaba’s entourage and hacked a DP member on the forehead with a machete.

But Kasempa said 2021 is so close.

“Zambians today know what is happening in the country and will not be told what to do. I speak as a chief, not a politician and I do not belong to any party but inside my heart, I have a belonging which is a secret. That day will come and I will decide. What will make me decide is what I’m keeping in my heart. I won’t tell people who to vote for but they will look and decide according to what they are going through,” Kasempa said.

“2021 is next day, very close. It is prudent for people to open their eyes and see. That is the time people should shift the government to the next one. I will give you an example of a family of 10 children who share relish. A parent should be very careful not to give more to others to avoid favouritism, but this is what is happening in our country now.”

Chief Kasempa said he was so saddened to hear of politics of attacks.

“One thing makes me sad. I wonder why if we started this thing in 1991 and it happened, why should we be hiding and attacking each other today? Why follow others and smash their vehicles and property? Because this is a well-known thing that we are in a multiparty and we expect a lot of parties,” Kasempa said.

“If this is the way this country will be governed, it’s not good. 2021, my chiefdom would not want to hear of blood and fighting. In my chiefdom, I don’t want to hear of fights like what I heard happened today (Friday). I could have spoken a lot, but I am saddened with the events. Yes, we will have elections, but all those that want to win should go round and tell the people, selle their manifestos and not fighting or attacking others.”

Kasempa said he gets offended by politicians who want to use money to win electoral favours.

“I will get offended by those who will come and give me huge (sums of) money because I can’t be bought. I speak and stand with my people. Now let us respect the Constitution. The Constitution only allows for two terms, so anyone who wants a third term will not succeed. Zambians should learn to live and love each other but these politicians should not divide us,” said Kasempa.

And Kalaba said hooliganism would not save the PF in 2021.

“The current leadership is dividing us every day. There is gross mismanagement of public funds. Instead of addressing key issues affecting the people of Kasempa, they want to beat us, kill us. It is sad what happened. The PF is using methods which should never be used in the 21st century,” he said. “The best is to tell the people what you will do for them. No intimidation or hooliganism will save the PF in 2021.”

Later Kalaba appeared on Kasempa Community Radio Station.

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