Luonde weeps over Chingola poverty

SOCIALIST Party (Zambia) spokesperson Fr Richard Luonde has lamented the untold poverty in Chingola townships, alleging that even dogs are too hungry and weak to bark.
The Chingola-based clergyman told The Mast in an interview that he had been driving through the streets of the mining town to witness the poverty it “is enduring.”
He explained that the life of miners and their families had drastically changed and “we don’t know where we are headed to.”
“It was very sad and tears trickled out of my eyes in feeling pity for the suffering majority. Miners and contractors are not getting their money on time. If Chingola, a mining town, cannot sustain its residents, what more with villagers in Shang’ombo, Kaputa, Kashikishi, Itezhi-tezhi name it? For them it’s worse,” Fr Luonde said.
“We should be headed somewhere and it is time to reflect as Zambians on how things can change. In Chingola, one is not able to tell whether miners are paid or not. What I have observed in Kapisha, Chabanyama, Chiwempala, Soweto, Lulamba residential areas made me shed tears; I saw poverty. Dogs don’t even bark because they don’t have the energy to bark. Their owners don’t have enough food to feed them because what dogs eat are left-overs in homes. So when homes have no food, even the dependent dogs don’t have food.”
He advised that the best thing workers in mines, markets and those on the streets in Chingola and elsewhere needed to do was to think seriously about what was ideal for their socio-economic being.
“What is best for you is to retain power in your own hands. Go and vote for a proper party that is socialist oriented and this is the Socialist Party (Zambia). The Socialist Party will work in consultation with Zambians and its government will fight poverty squarely,” said Fr Luonde.

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