Remember the poor when you’re eating, Fr Mupula urged leaders

(By Charles Tembo in Ikelenge)

SACRED Heart of Jesus Parish assistant parish priest Fr Patrick Mupula says Zambia will not go anywhere with drunk youths sent to cause havoc.
He said leaders should always remember the poor adding that ”you can’t be eating while others are suffering.”
And PF cadres have continued to trail Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba.
On Saturday, police upon hearing that Kalaba was in Ikelenge spent hours looking for him.
However, Kalaba and his entourage found refuge at the Missionary Centre for the Catholic Church.
Later around midnight, police officers asked the parish priest to have Kalaba leave Ikelenge first thing in the morning.
But Fr Mupula insisted that Kalaba and his entourage should attend mass before leaving the area.
Around 06:00 Sunday morning, police had surrounded the Church.
Later, around 09:10, Fr Mupula appeared for mass in the presence of Kalaba.
At this stage, Ikelenge Criminal Investigations Officer and some state security officers were forced to attend the Church service.
In his homily, Fr Mupula said leaders should always remember the poor when they are eating.
He said it was unfortunate that Zambia had a lot of young people who spend their time drinking beer.
“Zambia is not going anywhere with youths drunk at 08:30 in the morning. Leaders always remember the poor. You can’t be eating while others are suffering,” Fr Mupula said.
“You can’t be pleased when others don’t have anything. You can’t be rejoicing when our women are taken to the hospital on a motorbike to deliver. You can’t be happy and merry when there are no drugs in the hospital.”
Fr Mupula praised the police and other security officers for attending his mass.
And Kalaba said if he was a priest, police could not be following him even in the church.
“If I was a priest and not a politician, the police could not be following me even in church. We need to go back to habits that favour the poor not leaders,” said Kalaba.

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