People take law in their own hands due to legal suit constraints – Sensele

PEOPLE will resort to taking the law in their own hands due to impediments to sue those that have aggrieved them, says former Livingstone district commissioner Paul Sensele.

Commenting on the new requirements by the local courts to have payments for legal suits paid into an Investrust and Zanaco bank account,
Sensele said the requirement was not attainable.

“What I have discovered is that when one wants to sue an individual for any transgression, he or she has to first pay K20 in a Zanaco local court account and then go to Investrust to pay K13.40 before GRZ receipts can be issued,” he said. “What baffles me is why one can’t just pay the
total K33.40 into one account either at Zanaco or Investrust. Mind you, these banks are not in one building – they are far apart and this is
another distress to an individual. So I see an increase in people taking the law in their hands to deal with offenders.”
Sensele said if this was the trend in the province then it makes it even more expensive for people in other districts that may not have
Zanaco and Investrust banks.

“Worse for our brothers in Mukuni village where there are no banks, it means that one has to jump on a taxi or minibus to pay for the summons
in Livingstone and if you look at the transport cost from Mukuni it is the same cost as that of suing a person. So the poor Mukuni village
chap will just resort to jungle law to deal with his would be offender,” said Sensele.

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