ZAMBIANS DESPERATE…PF will have to face our maker over their iniquities against citizens – Chipimo

ELIAS Chipimo says PF government officials “will have to face our maker” over the iniquities they perpetrate on the Zambian citizenry.

Chipimo, who is National Restoration Party (NAREP) president, assured Zambians that while the times were tough, “they will pass.”

“What we have to do is to remain steadfast and resolute. There will be naysayers and people will try to bring us down but I can assure you that in Elias Chipimo, you have a solid proponent of what is right. I’m ready to do what it takes for the sake of putting this country right,” Chipimo said when he featured on Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy programme on Monday night.

“One thing you’ll see is that I’ve never resorted to insulting individuals; we have always kept our campaigns issue-based. We have always offered solutions even where we condemn something that is wrong. That’s so important and this is what we collectively must start to look at, not just complaining all the time.”

Chipimo said the desperation that Zambians were experiencing was so real.

He added that citizens had lost faith in opposition politicians because “they think we’ll just be like the PF.”

“The PF promised things but when they came into power, things got worse! The PF has understood that the level of desperation in people is so high that they will take whatever little crumbs [that] are dropped off the table of the corrupt,” he noted.

“That’s why we are not going to kill corruption under PF, we are not going to deal with the problems of debts under PF, we are not going to deal with the problems of teenage pregnancies and teenage prostitution, which is now becoming prevalent, under PF.”

And responding to one of the text messages that asked him how much he had sold his party to the UPND, Chipimo responded that he was not for sale.

“I’m not about to sell my soul to anybody for anything, particularly when it comes to things that need to be done for this country. I’m not a man of excessive wealth but I’m a man who wants to be right before God. That’s where my conscience lies,” he clarified.

“So, to suggest that somehow I can sell this party to any other person, then you don’t know Elias Chipimo.”

Chipimo stressed that there was nobody who was paying him to do what he was doing.

“I’ve suffered significantly in giving up the jobs that I did, in giving up the directorships that I did. I sat on the Board of Barclays, Lafarge Cement, on the Board of Lumwana, the Board of Equinox; the income that I was receiving was more than enough to take me…. I would travel every month; there is nowhere I couldn’t go,” Chipimo said.

“Now, I drive a very simple car and this is now my reality. If the PF want to come and take that away, I have my two legs and I’ll be able to walk. If they want to come and damage my legs, I have my mind and I’ll be able to speak. If they want to come and take that away, they will have to face our maker. But the Zambian people must be given what they need!”

Meanwhile, on the national dialogue bill that has sparked heated debate in the country, Chipimo, a lawyer, explained that there was a simple test one could do to see who was either speaking genuinely on the matter or simply for patronage purposes.

“They just need to ask one question uyu wamene akamba, ninjala yamene ikamba olo mwine fye (is it hunger that is speaking in this person or it’s actually them) wansala uyu ulelanda nangu ninsala ilelanda (is it a hungry person speaking or it’s hunger itself that is speaking) or is this somebody who can really stand on their own. Who are the people who have been speaking in favour of this process?” asked Chipimo.

“You’ll find that it’s a situation of desperation; either you need a job or money! Who are the people speaking against? Do you think the Church mother bodies need a job? Do you think they need recognition? Do you think their livelihood depends on whether this thing goes through or not?”

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