Let’s not allow PF to tie Zambia’s end to its tenure – Kalaba


HARRY Kalaba says the seed of conflict sowed by President Edgar Lungu demonstrates his determination that there shall be no Zambia without him as a President.


In a statement titled ‘degeneration of rule of law in Zambia’, Kalaba, who is opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, told Zambians to “wake up.”


“The seed of discord sowed by President Lungu demonstrates his determination that there shall be no Zambia without him as President. Countrymen and women, let’s wake up. We only have one Zambia. Let us not allow the Patriotic Front to tie the end of Zambia to the end of their tenure,” Kalaba stated.


Kalaba, who was attacked by PF cadres in Kasempa last Friday, indicated that the political violence by the ruling party, if not curtailed, would have “serious consequences and repercussions for mother Zambia.”


“President Lungu has perched his PF cadres on a pedestal and are above the law. The police cannot perform their duties when PF cadres are involved. This level of lawlessness is unprecedented in the history of Zambia,” Kalaba observed.


“You saw what happened to me and my team in Kasempa and the police could not do anything! The district commissioner for Kasempa had the audacity to brag that Kasempa is a no-go area for a non-PF.  Is that right? Every Zambian has an equal and inherent right to free movement, just like the PF cadres.”


Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, stated that it was alarming that political violence continued to escalate, “even with lip service pronouncements by political leadership to end the vice.”


“It’s not an accident that every election is now characterised by violence. It is by design and meant to disrupt the electoral processes and campaigns as well as threaten the voters of opposing parties from exercising their right to vote,” Kalaba stated.


He stated further that the harassment and beating of Kabwe Municipal Council workers by PF cadres on Friday last week had not just shocked Zambians but “the entire world is in shock at the kind of lawless State Zambia has degenerated into.”


“Why should cadres with no connection to the civil service and councils go and order them back to work and beat them? Cadres supervising the works of civil servants! Where on earth?” Kalaba wondered.


He observed that Zambia was at a crossroads and that Zambians’ actions would determine the difference between total transformation with redemption and total disintegration with the end of the road for the country.


“The current leadership’s dysfunction has not only driven Zambia’s socio-economic stand to the doldrums but has totally collapsed systems for the rule of law, governance and accountability, a situation which continues to abet corruption and lawlessness and further their stay in power,” stated Kalaba./

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