No politician is more important than life – Wina

(By Charles Tembo in Luanshya)


VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has asked the Church to help politicians know that their duty is a calling and they need to work in harmony. She said no single politician was more important than life. Vice-President Wina said this when she attended a church service at United Church of Zambia Mpatamato in Roan. She said the Church should realise its role and help those in need.

“In our daily lives as Christians, we are challenged to respond to the needs of the people. How did we help the street kids that are joining criminal gangs? How are we helping that girl child who fall pregnant unknowingly? We appeal to the Church to help the politicians to help them, us, understand that it is a calling to work in harmony,” Vice-President Wina said.

“…because this is what Jesus told us. Respect each other so that the days of our lives can be increased on earth. As Christians, we have a responsibility to bring up a generation that will respect God and the country to grow.”

Vice-President Wina also congregated with Catholics at St Martyrs of Uganda Parish in Roan. She was joined by foreign minister Joseph Malanji.

Others were homes affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo, housing and infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela, lands minister Jean Kapata, mines minister Richard Musukwa, Minister in the Office of the Vice-president Sylvia Chalikosa, Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe, several members of parliament and District Commissioners.

Later, Vice-President Wina said no single politician was more important than life. She said the government would ensure that it takes care of all the ills that have been caused in Roan.

“There are some people who have caused the sufferings here in Luanshya. We know the experts who privatised the companies and they have now resurfaced as politicians. Your government will take care of all these ills. No single politician can be more important than life,” said Vice-president Wina.

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