CBU closure a side effect of clueless leadership – Pilato

THE closure of the Copperbelt University (CBU) is a side effect of clueless leadership, musician Pilato has observed. Minister of Higher Education Professor Nkandu Luo on Friday announced the indefinite closure of CBU following riots by students. But Pilato, a vocal good governance advocate, slammed the government for shutting down the institution. He said the reasons for the unrest and problems at the CBU were well known and could easily be solved by government paying meal allowances and lecturers’ salaries.

“If the government was interested in sorting out these problems, they would have just paid the monies to the students and lecturers and that would have been enough but since they have no money, they can only close it. The closure of the Copperbelt University is a scandal but it is also a side effect of clueless leadership. We all know why the students were rioting,” Pilato said.

He said “President Edgar Lungu and his government were a bunch of clueless dancers who should have never been allowed anywhere near State power.”

Pilato, real names, Chama Fumba, said the greatest mistake Zambians made was to think that political dancers and mobilisers would make good leaders.

“They made all the necessary sounds and dances and somehow we thought they had something to offer but we were terribly wrong. Zambians must know that we are in trouble because the people we have in government have no capacity to govern this country,” he said. “The only thing they are good at is to close, arrest, ban and accuse. They have no intellectual capacity to negotiate or discuss with those they do not agree with.”

Pilato said President Lungu and the PF were good at winning elections but had no capacity to govern.

“We, the people of Zambia, should realise that capable people are not usually those that dance the most during campaigns or those that joke better than Shi Mumbi,” he said.

Pilato wondered what government was going to do to ZAMPOST and Council workers who are striking peacefully.

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