Chungu’s wife refuses to sign separation documents, leaves for Mozambique

XAVIER Chungu has submitted before the Lusaka High Court that he tried to serve his wife Rosa Maria Ferrira Rodrigues Chungu the documents for judicial separation sometime in February 2019  but she refused to  get and  sign them and has since gone back to her native country Mozambique.

Chungu, the former Zambia Security Intelligence Services chief, early this year filed for judicial separation from his wife on grounds that she was violent and abusive.

He stated that he lawfully married Rosa on February 10, 2012 in Lusaka.

Chungu had stated that the parties had agreed that he gives Rosa US$25,000 in three installments as support and maintenance.

He stated that the couple does not have children together but that he has seven from his previous marriage.

Chungu stated that he wanted the court to grant separation as he cannot reasonably be expected to live with Rosa due to her violent and abusive behaviour.

He stated that Rosa verbally abuses him in the presence of his children, friends and family, adding that she does not want his children and does not trust him as she always accuses him of having extramarital affairs.

Chungu added that Rosa does not want him to take care of his children or interact with them or friends and family.

He stated that as a result of her behaviour towards him, children, family and friends, he cannot reasonably be expected to live with her and prayed that he be judiciously separated from the wife and that a maintenance order be made for her benefit.

And according to an affidavit of service sworn by Chungu dated April 3, 2019, he explained that he commenced legal proceedings against Rosa and documents of the court process were on the court files.

“Sometime in February 2019, the petitioner tried to serve the court process on the respondent but she refused to get the documents and sign for the receipt of the same and she has since left the country and gone back to her native country Mozambique,” stated Chungu.

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