Lusaka magistrate jails man 3yrs for forgery, obtaining K200,000 by false pretences

LUSAKA principal resident magistrate Humphrey Chitalu on Monday sentenced a man to three years with hard labour for five counts of forgery, uttering a false document and obtaining K200,000 by false pretences.

Jethro Nduna was jailed after he admitted facts presented in court to be true and correct.

In the first two counts or forgery, Nduna forged a National Registration Card number 442963/45/1 in the names of Terrence Chabe between January 2 and February 28, 2018.

Upon verification with the National Registration, Passport and Citizen Office, it was discovered that the said NRC number did not exist in the database.

The court heard that Nduna uttered the forged NRC to Joseph Kapambwe Mulenga, a civil engineer based in Lusaka.

Nduna also forged a certificate of title number 132727 and presented it to Mulenga but when verified with the Ministry of Lands, it was discovered that it did not belong to Nduna but Terrence Chabe who had received it after a deed of gift transfer from his father Sebastian Chabe.

And Nduna used the forged documents to obtain K200,000 from Mulenga on the pretext that he had a plot for sale which he advertised.

The accused acted with other persons unknown.

After confirming that the facts were true and correct, magistrate Chitalu jailed him 36 months in each of the five counts, which sentences was to run concurrently from February 20, 2018, the date he was arrested and he has already served a year as he was not on bail.

Before being sentenced, Nduna pleaded for the court to exercise maximum leniency as he was a first offender who had learnt that crime does not pay.

Meanwhile, magistrate Chitalu advised the mother to a 16-year-old juvenile assault offender to “let the dead bury themselves” as the Bible says.

He advised the juvenile’s mother to attend to the needs of his son who was in prison for assault than attending to the funeral.

The juvenile’s mother told the court that she did not pay the complainant in the matter the K1000 on agreed dates after parties agreed to reconcile with a condition that they pay the money because she used the same to travel to Kasamba for a funeral.

The juvenile assaulted William Banda, 28, but it was agreed that he be compensated K850 for the phone he lost during the assault and K150 for medicals.

Magistrate Chitalu wondered how the mother of the juvenile would let her son continue undergoing hardships in prison instead of paying the money to the person he assaulted so that he could come out of detention.

“It’s better to attend to the living than the dead. You cannot choose to go to the funeral and leave your child in prison. The Bible says, let the dead bury themselves. That person is already gone,” said magistrate Chitalu.

The mother of the juvenile indicated that she would be ready to pay by April 11 and the case was adjourned to April 15 for an update on the reconciliation process.

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