NDC reports PF cadre Kawana to Luanshya Police for Malicious Damage

(By Oliver Chisenga in Luanshya)


THE National Democratic Congress have officially reported PF cadre Thabo Kawana to Luanshya Central police for malicious damage. NDC deputy campaign manager Charles Kabwita and member of the central committee Saboi Imboela reported Kawana for malicious damage to a vehicle. On Sunday morning, Kawana, who was in the company of other PF cadres, found NDC officials reporting the shooting incident at former Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s residence, when he climbed on the said car and smashed it with his foot.


“Patriotic Front, PF cadre Thabo Kawana has been officially reported for malicious damage at Luanshya Central police. Thabo was the one effecting arrests on National Democratic Congress, NDC, members that had gone to report the shooting that had taken place at Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s house on Saturday evening, the 6th April 2019,” Kabwita explained in an interview.


Kabwita said contrary to assertions and accusations that Lusaka district youth chairman Andrew Lipindula damaged an unknown vehicle, it was in fact, the NDC car that suffered a smashed windscreen. He complained that Lupindula was severely beaten by cadres before being handed over to the police. Kabwita further called on the police to execute their job professionally and give Lipindula a medical form so that he is examined.


“A motorcade of police vehicles accompanied by PF cadres arrived at the police station and cadres came out and started pointing at the NDC cadres and members that had gathered, directing police to arrest them. Lusaka district youth chairman Andrew Lipindula was pointed at and beaten up badly by the cadres as police watched. He was accused of malicious damage to property, a vehicle that up to now has not yet been availed to the police. Even the police have no idea which vehicle was damaged and the arrest was only done at the instigation of the cadres.”


A check at Luanshya Central Police station found Kabwita and Imboela giving statements on the ordeal before a docket was opened.


“On the material night, Kawana jumped on the Toyota Vox ACX 8822 that had parked across the road, stepping on the windscreen, roof and jumped on the other side of the vehicle, commanding the driver of the vehicle, Musonda, to be arrested and damaging the car in the process. Musonda was only saved by NDC gender and child development chairperson, Ms. Saboi Imboela, who told Kawana and the police he was directing that they had just arrived on the scene with the driver of the vehicle. They had hardly been there for two minutes when the incident occurred,” Kabwita said.


“The car that Kawana had stepped on in an effort to arrest Musonda had just arrived and we don’t know how Thabo, his fellow cadres and police just descended on Musonda to have him arrested. We have cadres now who are more powerful than the police and they are the ones arresting people. Thabo may have the right to arrest people according to the new PF rules where cadres are more powerful than the police but he certainly has no rights to damage other people’s properties like that.”

Kabwita lamented that Kawanu wore tow hats as YMCA president during the day and breaking people’s cars and making arrests of the opposition in the night as a PF cadre.


He wondered in what capacity Kawana was giving orders to the police that saw Lupindula arrested.


“Kawana is also the president of the Young Men’s Christian Association, YMCA, and his continued activities of PF caderism makes it very difficult for people to trust that he can carry out his tasks professionally. We cannot have someone being YMCA president during the day and breaking people’s cars and making arrests of the opposition in the night, all because he is a PF cadre. Our rights and Constitution have been thrown away by this brutal PF regime and it’s such a shame to have a ruling party that behaves like this,” said Kabwita./

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