Tasila buys a farm in Sinda for game ranching

TASILA Lungu has bought the farm which belonged to former UNIP Kapoche member of parliament late Ben Zulu. In interview on Monday, Sinda district commissioner Paradious Sakala said President Edgar Lungu’s daughter had acquired Zulu’s farm. The farm is close to Chimtengo forest.

“Yes, it’s true that Tasila has bought the farm for the late Ben Zulu which is very close to Chimtengo forest and the development that will be taking place there is to bring in wild animals,” Sakala said.

Asked if the area would be fenced, Sakala said he had not received any information to that effect.

“I can’t confirm as I have not received any confirmation to that effect but if it’s fencing, I don’t think there is harm in that for it could be for a good purpose because currently what is happening is that people go and cut down timber at night,” he said. “And it’s Chimtengo forest’s mandate to look for an investor who can fence it and such people are very much welcome.”


Sakala said even the World Bank had indicated that they could provide a fence to the forest, which was the biggest in Eastern Province.

“So it could be coincidental or it could be true but to be specific, what I can confirm is that she has bought late Ben Zulu’s farm,” he said.

Sakala added that “if it’s true wild animals will be put there, it will act as a tourist attraction”, and that such a development would put Sinda on the market. Sources indicate that Tasila paid a courtesy call on chieftainess Nyanje some few weeks ago, escorted by a forestry officer over her intention to purchase the farm and fencing it. And Nyanje confirmed Tasila’s visit, acquisition of the farm and her intention to erect an electric fence around the forest.

“She had come with a lady from the forestry [department] as she has bought Mr Ben Zulu’s farm and we are glad because those issues will attract development to our district. I’m told she wants even to put some wild animals and she wants traditional leaders around Chimtengo forest to be sensitised because if they tamper with the fence which she will put around her farm and Chimtengo, then they will be electrocuted” Nyanje said.

Other traditional leaders talked to also said the move taken by Tasila in Eastern Province was very interesting.

“She is the President’s daughter quite all right but her move is unique. We had President’s daughters before but herself is unique and I think she has leadership qualities in herself. Last time she drilled boreholes and people are drinking clean water. She one time came to distribute shoes to school pupils. All these are issues we can’t forget her in case of anything in future,” said a headman who preferred not to be named.


  1. Elijah

    April 12, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Where didnTasila get all this money she is flashing around?

  2. Chilankalipa

    April 11, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Corrupt practices are difficult to hide. The farm will be repossessed and the owner will be sent to jail.

  3. Muntu

    April 11, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    She is not working. Where did she get the money?

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