Sesheke detective chief inspector at pains to explain how PF cadres were beaten


DETECTIVE Chief Inspector Chakunda Muzumi of Sesheke was on Wednesday at pains to explain how PF cadre were beaten by the police on February 12 as the incidence was not recorded in the occurrence book.

Appearing before High Court Gertrude Chawatama, Sesheke Division Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) Muzumi, under cross-examination from UPND’s Romeo Kangombe’s layer Mulambo Haimbe, said he was not aware of the operation that led to the beating of 14 PF cadres allegedly by police officers.

“I was not aware of the operation at the council guesthouse apart from the beatings…. I was informed that they were beaten by unknown people…the information I have is that those that were beaten were PF,” Muzumi said.

Asked if to his knowledge, the beaten cadres were locals from Sesheke or not, he responded that he did not know.

When further quizzed as to why the recordings in the OB ended on February 11, when the alleged beating of PF cadres by the police took place on February 12, Muzumi said he had the recording in another OB but this was not part of his evidence that he had tendered before court.

Earlier, he Muzumi laughter when he tried to justify how a Gender Based Violent (GBV) docket arising from a complaint by Mukabanji Kabati was among the 41 listed as electoral violence and malpractice.

“Look at Kabati’s docket; does it ring a bell? What offence is it related to?” Haimbe asked.

In response, Muzumi said it was in connection of her being assaulted by her husband.

“It is GBV?” Haimbe asked as Muzumi responded in the affirmative.

He then explained to court that her husband and herself belonged to different parties namely PF and UPND hence the fight.

“It came out of political violence,” he said amid laughter from the court audience.

Asked if the UPND was mentioned in Kabati’s docket, Muzumi responded in the negative.

After further questions, he said the PF was mentioned in the docket.

“So it was a domestic issue,” Haimbe asked as Muzumi responded in the affirmative.

Haimbe further quizzed Muzumi on admission of guilt payment receipts, which ranged from loitering, malicious damage and affray to which he

admitted that they were all not related to offences under the Electoral Act.

Muzumi also said Kangombe’s name or his agent was never mentioned in all the 41 offences recorded.

He also said the UPND and the PF were mentioned as being involved in the fracas which also saw a police vehicle being damaged as reported by Andrew Justine Phiri and also that Patrick Limata

Mazala said he was stoned by a bunch of people while driving a GRZ vehicle and that no other person’s witnessed or were affected by the

reported incidences.

UPND’s Kangombe is being represented by among other lawyers Haimbe, Gilbert Phiri while PF’s Losing candidate Dean Masule is being represented by three lawyers led by State Counsel Erick Silwamba.

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