Clarify Kalu’s role in football admin, Chipango asks CAF

KNIVES are being sharpened for the return of Kalusha Bwalya to manage Zambian football, says a former FAZ committee member Keegan Chipango.

In an interview, Chipango said CAF should update Zambians on the status of Kalusha Bwalya in terms of his role in Zambian football.

“At a recent meeting held in Choma, I was asked a lot of questions that need to be answered, with regards Kalu. FAZ delegates are saying that they need to be updated because if Kalu wants to contest at FIFA, he needs FAZ endorsement, but the question is can FAZ under the current leadership endorse him? We also know that the government and many ministers want Kalu back at Football House as president. But again he needs an endorsement from clubs. So we need FAZ and CAF to clear the air over Kalu’s role in football management,” Chipango said.

He noted that FAZ and government should not be seen to be at loggerheads over Kalu’s role in Zambian football administration.

“FAZ councillors need to be educated by CAF and FAZ over this matter.

And Kalu also needs to come out in the open and tell Zambians what he wants to do because “we will be going to the convention come 2020 March,

which is around the corner. Is he eligible to contest? That is what we want to know,” said Chipango.

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