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When writing this Headline Matters stuff, I’m wary of my language – I don’t want to use insolent words. After all, good journalism is just about relaying known and unknown truths to the masses. I don’t engage into diatribe for no good reasons! Even when there is a justifiable need to insult, I resort to consult. Here I go!
The Zambia National Soccer Team, fondly called Chipolopolo boys, won the Africa of Nations (AfCON) championship on February 12, 2012 in Libreville, Gabon. Then exactly after five years and a month, on March 12, 2017 the junior Chipolopolo boys, Under 20 National Soccer Team won the Total Under 20 AfCON championship in Lusaka. I didn’t Google to get these facts; they are etched into my mind because success and disaster tend to be unforgettable. Our senior national football team has, since 2012, continued to hunt for evasive glory. I know that it will rain one day! No doubt, football is currently under a gifted administrator. But what has gone wrong?
On the other side of the fence, there is no football. There is full blown politics, powered by contemporary music and comedy. Maybe I should call it muzpolitics and policomedy? Many musicians, actually singers, and some comedians have gone where there is nectar. These are bad economic times and so, maybe there is sense in renting one’s voice, even a raucous one, to sing for the fraudulent club, as long as it can pay.
Today is April 14, 2019 and all things being equal, there are exactly 850 days to Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the polling day. So, when those who can sing some fawning lines start putting their lyrics together, it should be understandable to some of us. But for those who are being praised in songs, Zambians deserve better from you. Can’t you explain, in a raucous voice still, your “vision” for this country? Even balya can explain their plans; we need to know. Why has it become so easy to become a big boss in muzpolitics and policomedy?
Back then, as a primary school pupil in my home village Katuba, Chibombo, I and friends aspired to complete Grade 12 and become nothing but a Leonard Hikaumba. To us, he represented everything noble and we believed he was a great achiever. Maybe he was! We need to now ask any of our secondary school and tertiary institution learners whether they know just five astute and determined trade unionists. What has happened?
Before now, a five-minute conversation with a government minister (privileged opportunity) left someone filled with joy and knowledge; you would have been lectured on a serious and essential matter, either of national or personal concern. Look at what has happened now! Close your eyes for a minute and see the monstrosities. Why? Just why?
Those days, civil society organisations and public university students’ unions had a voice of reason on matters of governance. You could not resist clapping for them when they voiced out their concerns on matters of public interest. Tell me of a students’ union (if they still exist) you can spare a minute to listen to? Except for a few, civil society organisations have jumped into the beehive. Blink and think! What has befallen us?
Yes, life is dynamic; change is inevitable. But why should that change always be in the negative for us? Look at even stuff I have not mentioned! How did that junk find itself where it has gathered? I’m mindful of my language but I can say when stupidity reigns, letdown blossoms. Before I start insulting, let me give chance to you, readers to consult and help me answer a few questions I have asked above. I’ll be glad to read your responses. For now, I’ve gone to consult and I’ll be back, probably with insults, next week.
#Mediocrity should not define Zambia
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