NDC a wildfire that will sweep all PF seats on CB – Malite


NATIONAL Democratic Congress media director Emmanuel Malite has dared Copperbelt PF provincial chairman Nathan Chanda and Bowman Lusambo to resign from their positions and go for by-elections if see if they can retain their seats. Malite says what happened in Roan Constituency was just the tip of an iceberg. In an interview, he said it was no longer business as usual for the PF to cheat Zambians with empty promises when they have kept on introducing taxes.

Malite said a massive revolution had commenced in Roan, which was perceived to be a PF bedroom. He said despite PF giving voters money and food during the campaigns in Roan, his party remained resolute on its campaign message.

“They came with money, they came with food, they came with all sorts of things just to entice people of Roan to vote for them but our message of unity of purpose was louder to the people of Roan,” Malite said. “This is just the beginning of the revolution of change. Just imagine the entire

Cabinet of President Lungu has been humiliated by the NDC and the Alliance! If Bowman Lusambo (Kabushi member of parliament) and Nathan [Chanda] think they are popular in their seats, let them test the water by stepping down. As NDC, we mean business; we will teach them a lesson. We will even do better than we have done in Roan. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Malite said NDC was a wildfire that would switch off all the PF seats in the Copperbelt.

“The other day, I laughed when Nathan told the President [Edgar Lungu] that everything was okay for the PF and that he was confident that their candidate would win the Roan seat,” said Malite. “And what Bowman should realise is that he won that seat in Kabushi because PF had no competitor on the Copperbelt back in 2016. If he thinks he was popular as he wants us to believe, why didn’t he stand on his former party MMD ticket? He should know that PF has also lost grip in the Copperbelt to the new emerging party, NDC. Our party is generally loved by people because of its pro-poor policies.”

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