Recycled politicians are practically incapable of bold transformation – KBF


LUSAKA lawyer and PF member Kelvin Bwalya Fube has observed that the continued recycling of old politicians in Zambia has contributed to the failed economic transformation and progress. Writing in his latest Book ‘Zambia Must Prosper 2’, Fube commonly known as KBF, said the continuous carry-over of politicians who failed to deliver in previous governments to new governments was one of the possible reasons Zambia had failed to transform and progress.

“It is generally agreed that Zambia’s political leadership space has been dominated for far too long by the same faces that had been recycled from one political party to the other,” Fube observed.

“From the time of the MMD in the 1990s to date, Zambia’s politics, at government level, has been dominated by the same faces. Some politicians who were ministers and MPs during Chiluba’s time are still ministers and MPs to date. This is 36 years later and it is after four other Presidents have ruled! A considerable number of politicians who were MPs and ministers in Rupiah Banda’s MMD government, are still part of Edgar Lungu’s PF government.”

He wondered how it was expected that the same recycled politicians could perform any better every time they were reappointed into new governments.

Fube stated that it was for this reason that he had embarked on facilitation of what he termed ‘a generational leadership handover’.


“A generational leadership handover refers to bringing on board a younger generation of leaders in place of the older generation. I strongly believe that it is time we facilitated for a younger generation of leaders to take over the driving seat in our country. It is my belief that the younger generation has the natural DNA to foster and implement bold transformation towards a better Zambia,” he observed.

Bwalya is of the view that recycled politicians were fixed in their old ways of thinking and doing things and were practically incapable of bold transformation.

Fube noted that Zambia would not move forward if the country maintained the same old faces in the political and government arenas.

“I have resolved to play the role of a midwife in gradually delivering a new generation of leaders to transform our country. Our young people are more educated and more exposed than any previous leadership generation to have ever presided over Zambia. I find it very counter-productive that we have continued to block our young people from playing prominent leadership roles,” Fube emphasised.


He stated that he preferred a balance between experience and youth to enable the young people receive mentoring from veterans.


Fube, however, clarified that generational leadership handover did not mean a wholesale and immediate change of leadership based on age but that it should be a gradual process culminating into a complete leadership handover within a 10-year period.


In ensuring a complete generational leadership handover, Fube has proposed introduction of a quota-system that demands that 30 per cent of cabinet, parliamentary and senior civil service positions were reserved for people below the age of 40.


He has also proposing a two-term limit for all elective positions including members of parliament, mayors and councillors.


“If we see it fit that a President should be limited to two-terms in office, it is odd that we don’t have term limits for other elective positions. My passion in developing young leaders goes beyond my desire to stay in office. The pride of any good leader is to see that those that have been properly mentored take over and continue where the older generation left off,” he observed.


Fube noted that from the UNIP days, the MMD days, and currently in the PF government, there had been no proper succession plan for a generational leadership handover and hence, the need to bring about a culture that promotes a new generation of leaders.

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