Musenge dismisses reports that he intends to have NDC deregistered


NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge says he has no intentions of deregistering the party.

And NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba has dismissed reports that his party leader Chishimba Kambwili has joined the United Party for National Development.

Musenge says him and Kambwili have no differences or problems to sit down but that one party was finding difficulties in discussing issues affecting the NDC.

Reacting to assertions that he was intending to have the party deregistered by the end of this week, Musenge told The Mast that the assertion was a total fabrication.

“It is not coming from me. It is a total fabrication. I have no such intention of deregistering the party. A political party will go through challenges. There is no single political party that does not have internal matters and the strength of a party will be judged from how they are able to resolve their issues amongst themselves,” he said. “And the leaders of the party also will be judged on how they are able to handle the issues that affect them.”

Musenge said the NDC was going through a distraction and disturbing refining process and that once the party comes out of it, it would be a stronger opposition.

He acknowledged that the party had challenges, which its leaders had to sit down to resolve unlike taking turns on social media.

“We have issues among ourselves and these issues will be resolved amongst ourselves but for people to circulate [in media] that there are intentions to dissolve the party, that is not true,” he said. “We also need to really ask ourselves where are these problems coming from. So, trying to pretend that all is rosy when things are not okay will not help us. The sooner we resolve these issues the better for the party. And you know we are going through a refining process, to iron out all these little issues that have been distracting us and disturbing us and to prepare ourselves for better things.”

Asked if he had made efforts to resolve the differences, Musenge said, “That is what people may be probably questioning. Why are these things finding themselves in the public domain when they can be resolved internally?”

Musenge said he had no problem sitting down with Kambwili.

Musenge urged party members to iron out the differences.

“I don’t think the differences are between me and Chishimba Kambwili and I have no problem to sit down with my colleague. What is tricky is for us to find time and sit together and iron out issues. And as I stated, there would be one party that would seem to be, tend to, finding difficult in discussing those issues affecting the party but otherwise one thing that ought to be understood is that as a party we are trying to reposition ourselves and also our party to the Zambian people that we could be an alternative government,” Musenge said.

He said the party should be relevant to the electorates who have power of choice.

“It’s not Chishimba or myself who are going to elect ourselves, it is the Zambian people. So, what is critical is to be relevant to the electorate,” said Musenge. “And also there are certain things that we need to put right and at times we may not know that…you may be overtaken by overzealousness and not knowing that you are making mistakes. When your friends are trying to open up, it is important to listen to them. It is important to sit down and reiterate and see how you can resolve those issues.”


Meanwhile, Akafumba in a statement yesterday dispelled “misinformation” circulating in some sections of the media that Kambwili intends to join the UPND.


He stated that information that had been availed to some sections of the press suggests that Kambwili has or is in the process to be co-opted as UPND vice president.


“Contrary to such information, Dr Kambwili is still consultant of the NDC. Party members should therefore ignore these pockets and grains of misinformation being peddled by the PF,” he stated.


“We are aware and it has come to our attention that the PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza is behind these falsehoods. Mr. Mwanza has issued a false and unsubstantiated statement to the press with the hope of destabilising the NDC and opposition in general. Mr. Mwanza is not and has never been a member of the NDC for him to start giving statements on behalf of our party.”


Akafumba stated that in his desperate political machinations, Mwanza had suggested that Kambwili had been holding secret meetings with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.


“The NDC wants to deny the holding of such secret meetings. Further, we advise Mr Mwanza and the PF to concentrate on resolving their internal party problems instead of commenting on issues they least understand,” stated Akafumba.

“Mr. Mwanza can also do better advising the PF regime on how best to fix Zambia’s falling economy.”

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