You’ll rot in jail, PF supporter warns ministers, State House Aides

PF supporter Chanoda Ngwira has accused government ministers of preoccupying themselves with assembling retirement packages, warning that their amassed wealth will be grabbed from them while they rot in jail. Ngwira posted in a PF forum that some ruling party leaders need to be retired or reassigned. Ngwira further suggested that PF secretary general Davies Mwila be reassigned together with others who had seemingly become complacent.

“Ok let’s for once have a frank talk as we wash our dirty linen in public, just for once. I know I am risking my 2021 Chasefu adoption. Honourable Ministers like Bowman Chilosha Lusambo, PF Secretary General, Honourable Davies Mwila, The Presidency and MCCs, mwabombeni bane. You see, we need all of you, you are lovely people, very hardworking and yes you have tirelessly worked for the party PF all these years. You have executed your duties very well in your different capacities. Well done and congratulations,” Ngwira said.

He said the PF needed to remain in power after 2021.

“However, Ngwira warned that if they do not take certain steps now, the party would be doomed and that meant a tragic nose dive.

“Now listen to this, I think some of you need to be relieved of your duties. I think you need to be reassigned so that we have fresh blood in those offices. I know this truth may make me unpopular with some of you, but I don’t care at this point. Ba SG, what if I suggest to the Head of State that you be reassigned, ba MCC, don’t you think some of you should become advisers to the party? I mean you have been so used to your roles now hence becoming complacent…. We need to remain in power come 2021, however, if we don’t take certain steps now, we are doomed and you know what that means, bakamikanda,” he cautioned.

Ngwira further noted the current PF leadership was void of is own drivers because most of them were “too drunk with power”.

He urged the PF leadership to wake up to reality that the opposition was in gear seven and almost catching up with them. Ngwira said some of the PF leaders needed to voluntarily leave to create space for people who could help the party.

“PF is known to be a pro- poor party, and yes we have not diverted from that score, we have just had leadership that is sour grapes now, we seem not to have drivers of the vehicle called PF, the vehicle seems to be on but no one to change gears coz power has entered and made us too drunk to a point where we think the vehicle is moving when in fact not,” Ngwira said.

Ngwira questioned President Lungus’ advisors’ role and wondered if they were helping him remain in office or facilitating his exit. He accused those in the Presidency, Kaizar Zulu, Amos Chanda, Danny Siwo, Andrew Chella, Msimuko, Lukangaba, and others to be preoccupied with making State House a business den.

“Presidency, Kaizar Zulu, Amos Chanda, Danny Siwo, Andrew Chella, Msimuko, Lukangaba, and others, what are you doing to the Boss? Are you helping him remain in office or you are helping him out? I mean you people are big brained individuals, however, some of you seem to be so preoccupied in other things other than managing the Head of state as required. Is state House a business den or it is supposed to be a place where all things get engine (sic) for the betterment of this nation? Awe guys let’s improve or leave, simple as that.”

Ngwira added that he had no trust in most of the PF ministers as they have let party members and Zambians down.

“Imwe ma ministers, are some of you that tired or you are busy as usual making retirement packages for yourselves forgetting that once we are kicked out of office as PF, all those things will be grabbed from you and you will rot in jail? What are you doing at your ministries to help the party maintain power? Do you really love President Edgar Lungu? You make me wonder really, I don’t trust most of you, you have let members of the party down and above all the Zambian people…it’s either we change now or never,” said Ngwira following the ruling party’s loss in the Roan parliamentary by-election.

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