A govt of the people cares for the people

Chief Simwatachela of Zimba is asking the government to stand by its people now.

“The government must stand by its people now,” says Simwatachela. “My people are surviving on wild fruits. We need government to come to our aid. Those in the valley never received rains this year. Now people are selling their animals and beef per kg in both Kalomo and Zimba is K10 meaning nothing will be left for them.”

A government of the people cares for people.

It is the government’s job to serve its people.

Governments only exist because of the people; people create governments. The government is therefore definitely obligated to serve the people. The government should be one with the people, meaning all the ideas of the people match up with the ideas of the government. A government represents the people and serves them. Our government today is separate from the people and this is not the right way as government is created due to the people’s desires. However, if government abuse its power and/or ignores the ideas, cries and desires of the people, then it wouldn’t be a government that serves its people. In this sense, government leaders should be working in the government completely for the people, not for money; what is the point of having a leader who is not faithful and serve the people? These ideas are of a true democracy, ideas that many ‘democratic’ politicians and governments either forget or ignore.

In times of crisis and calamity, like when there’s drought, then the government’s job is most certainly to take care of its people. Assistance to recover from crop loss is what the government is supposed to do.

That is why we must only elect those who we think will do what’s best for us. The government is meant to make big decisions for our country in order to do what is best for the citizens and give us the best lives possible. We do not elect people to just do jobs, we elect them to make all the major, important decisions because we count on them to care of us. Our politicians must prove to the voters that they are the best for the job they are fighting for, that they will be the best at making things better for us. We elect them to do these jobs that will better our lives and ultimately, yes, take care of us.

We don’t know what else it would be for if not to protect and care for its people. The only other thing it could do is leach off of, suppress or control people for its own gain. We don’t think we can even think of anything that government should do that doesn’t fall in to the area of caring for its people.

In a way the government is like a parent figure in that they should support their children when in need. The government’s main goals should be to take care of its people.

The people’s government protects the people. Only when the people have such a government can they educate and remold themselves by democratic methods, with everyone taking part.

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