Boost PF youths’ morale for 2021 campaigns – Evans

OUR youths should be empowered so that they can have the morale to campaign in 2021 since Southern Province is a stronghold of the
opposition UPND, Lawrence Evans has appealed to Vice-President Inonge Wina.
And Vice-President Wina, who was in Livingstone to launch the planned Provincial Investment and Tourism Expo, said the people of Southern Province were not used to receiving relief food.

She said that the drought that had hit the province this year entail government providing support.

Speaking when he welcomed Vice-President Wina at the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, Evans, who is Southern Province PF chairperson, told her that the region was united.
“We have many challenges as a party in the province such as transport. We ask your office to help us as we prepare for 2021 elections…our
youths should be empowered so that they have morale to campaign for 2021 elections and enable us to retain the Livingstone parliamentary seat. So far we are working hard in the province and our numbers are growing. We need support so that we campaign vigorously,” Evans said.
He told the Vice-President that the PF in the province was united.
“We need your support as we go towards 2021 elections since the province is a stronghold of the opposition UPND. We need to be ready now and we are appealing to your office to find means of helping us,” Evans added.
Vice-President Wina said President Edgar Lungu had assured chiefs of Southern Province when he visited Mazabuka on Tuesday that no one would die of hunger.
“The people of Southern Province are not used to receiving relief food but 2019 is a unique year and they will receive it…we know that drought as well as floods have hit many parts of Zambia and this has not been favourable to agriculture. We want to assure the people of Southern Province and Livingstone in particular that your government is geared to ensure that relief food is delivered to all districts of the Province,” Vice-President Wina said.
She added that the PF government would continue to support people in the province.
She assured PF cadres and government department heads that welcomed her that all districts of Southern Province would receive relief food.
“Initially we had selected some districts (six out of 13 districts) but later discovered that there were vulnerable people who were effected in other districts. Government has decided that all districts will be considered on relief food. President Lungu does not want anyone to die
of hunger but he wants people to be self-sufficient and be free from deprivation of any type,” she said.
Vice-President Wina advised Livingstone residents to embark on backyard gardens on which they would grow vegetables and rear
chickens or fish ponds.
She said such small initiatives could have a big improvement of people’s lives and also help improve their nutrition.
And Southern Province permanent secretary Mwangala Liomba told the Vice-President that all was fine in the area except for the impending
hunger situation.
“We also have water challenges for livestock and people,” said Liomba.

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