Cuban Revolution will prevail over US aggression – govt declares

CUBA says it is resolutely determined to confront the aggressive escalation of the United States and that Havana will prevail.


The government also says Cuba has no troops in Venezuela and does not participate in military or security operations anywhere unlike the US that has over 250,000 marines and bases in foreign soils around the world.

Marking the 58th anniversary of the United State’s April 17, 1961 military invasion at Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs) that attempted to oust the Fidel Castro revolution, Cuba noted that “strangely, the date was chosen by the current US government to announce new aggressive measures against Cuba and to reinforce their implementation of the Monroe Doctrine.”

The Cuban government rejected the decision to now allow action to be taken in US courts against Cuban and foreign entities, and to aggravate impediments to entering the United States faced by leaders and families of companies that legitimately invest in Cuba, in properties that were nationalised.

“Once again, Cuba repudiates the lies and the threats, and reiterates that its sovereignty, independence, and commitment to the cause of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, are not negotiable,” the government declaration dated April 17, reads in part.

“Two days before the commemoration of the 58th anniversary of the victory at Playa Girón, a historic site within our national territory, where mercenary forces backed by imperialism bit the dust of defeat, the Cuban Revolution reiterates its resolute determination to confront the aggressive escalation of the United States, and prevail.”

Cuba stated that President Donald Trump’s government was “well-known, within the country itself and internationally, for its unscrupulous use of lies as a tool in domestic and foreign policy.”

“This is an old habit among imperialism’s practices,” it noted.

“The images are still fresh of President George W Bush, with the support of current National Security Advisor John Bolton, indecently lying about supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a lie that served as the pretext to invade this Middle Eastern country. Recorded in history, as well, are the bombing of the Maine anchored in Havana, and the self-inflicted Gulf of Tonkin incident, episodes that served as pretexts to unleash brutal wars in Cuba and Vietnam. We cannot forget that the United States used fake insignia painted on the planes that carried out bombings here as a prelude to the Playa Girón invasion, to hide the fact that they were US aircraft.”

Cuba stated that US slanders were based on an absolute deliberate lie.

“Their intelligence agencies have more than enough evidence, surely more than any other state, to know that Cuba has no troops in Venezuela, and does not participate in military or security operations, even though it is the sovereign right of independent countries to determine how they cooperate in the area of defence, which is not a US prerogative to question,” it stated.

“Those making this accusation have more than 250,000 soldiers and 800 military bases abroad, some of them in our hemisphere. This government also knows, as Cuba has repeatedly stated publicly, that the more than 20,000 Cuban collaborators, more than 60 per cent women, are undertaking in this South American country the same work currently being done by another 11,000 professionals from our country in 83 nations; contributing to the provision of social basic services, fundamentally in healthcare, which has been recognised by the international community.”

The government stressed that its firm solidarity with Venezuela was Cuba’s right as a sovereign state, and also a duty that was part of Havana’s tradition and among the irrevocable principles of the Cuban Revolution’s foreign policy.

“No threat of reprisal against Cuba, no ultimatum or pressure on the part of the current US government will dissuade the Cuban nation’s internationalist vocation, despite the devastating human and economic damage caused by the genocidal blockade to our people,” Cuba explained. “It is worth remembering that thuggish threats and ultimatums have been used in the past, when Cuba’s internationalists supported liberation movements in Africa, while the United States supported the opprobrious apartheid regime. Cuba was expected to renounce its solidarity commitments with the peoples of Africa in exchange for a promise of forgiveness, as if the Revolution needed to be pardoned by imperialism. At that time, Cuba rejected the pressure, as we reject it today, with the greatest disdain.”

The Cuban government called on all members of the international community and US citizens to “put an end to this irrational escalation and the hostile, aggressive policy of the Donald Trump government.”

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