Headline Matters with Chambwa: Show of might


Last Sunday, this article was titled Consulting and Insulting and my last paragraph was that `For now, I’ve gone to consult and I’ll be back, probably with insults, next week.’ So, someone is justifiably expecting some invectives like stupid, foolish and the rest. But no! That route is perilous and so, the civility path is what I’ll follow, at least for today. Can’t I surely write something devoid of spite; some twisty but yet heartening piece? Let me try.

Without competition, laziness among bantu will reign; there will be no reason to work hard. Even Chipolopolo boys would have won the coveted World Cup by now. But competition is stern and so, we are still longing. Nonetheless, our country is a football inspiration in southern Africa. That’s why I’m proud of the feat Nkana Football Club of Kitwe attained by going all the way to the quarterfinals in this year’s CAF confederation cup. The team only fell off last Sunday in Sfax, Tunisia when it played and lost 2 – 0 to CS Sfaxien of that country. Bravo, Kalampa!

In other endeavours of life, there is rivalry, too. But no one should feel dwarfed – we should all fight for victory. In farming, journalism, politics, music, teaching, name it, we should fight for excellence. There is simply no reason to give up. Amid competition, there are people who stand out in respective fields and that shows that there is no stumbling block big enough to kill one’s dream. If you don’t get the sense, look at a determined man like Chishimba Kambwili! Even as a lone ‘ranger,’ he recently delivered Roan for his party’s candidate, Joseph Chishala. That’s what I mean; determination can make you uproot a mountain. If Kambwili can dismantle an entire Statecraft, fully complemented with constabulary, then even that poor fellow in Mansa, Kitwe, Ndola, Kasama, Solwezi, Kabwe, Mkushi, Mumbwa, Chibombo and other places can go to the top, notwithstanding the tough goings.

It doesn’t matter the age, height, weight, complexion, race or any other feature of your opponent; determination can make you get it. If you think you cannot achieve it because you are alone, please think of what happened in Roan. You’re half successful if your mentality is geared for triumph! This is far from a motivational piece but I stress that striving is what will make you a champion. To young girls in Nalolo, Chavuma, Kabompo, Lukulu, believe that you’re a winner, or is it wina, and you’ll will be like her.

You can’t have it all but you can certainly show what you have. We are talented differently! This is why I like my Iris and love my Mampi; you can’t be in a cesspool of despondency throughout your life. Become creative, my sisters and brothers. I’m not hinting about criminality or anything as depraved as what may be in your mind! I’m talking about ingenuity and how it can serve you from made in Zambian affliction, if you know what I mean. Just to be a first-rate diva, you need to have some considerable time in front of the mirror, before you set out.

Anywhere you want to go and give it a try, people are avidly flexing their muscles – they want to impress in their positions. I’ve seen it happening in body-building, politics and civil society organisations! My inference is that it’s the same, in the night, at Northmead market, around Long Acres, on Joseph Mwilwa and Chaholi roads in Rhodes Park in Lusaka. The night stuff is so nefarious, albeit. But my story is that there are no easy contests out there; success ni strategy. When all is said and done, you have to stand up and be counted among the refined citizens in different endeavours of life. Fortunately, and unfortunately, life is a showdown; it’s show of mighty!

Since the Zambia national soccer team did not qualify for this year’s Africa Cup of Nations (AfCON) tournament which starts on June 21 in Cairo, let’s wait and see what will happen on August 11, 2021. Hahaha!

#There is no failure.

The next version of Headline Matters will be on Sunday.

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