Roan defeat didn’t shake us so much – PF MP

KAPOCHE Constituency member of parliament Dr Charles Banda says the outcome of Roan parliamentary by-election did not shake the Patriotic Front so much because it’s the only constituency on the Copperbelt that always votes for the opposition. In interview on Wednesday after conducting a constituency meeting with party officials at Chinzule Primary School, Dr Banda said history had it that Roan, being a mining area, has always gone for the opposition who could promise them jobs and other things.

“Roan is the only constituency in the Copperbelt that always votes for the opposition. I will give you examples; in 2001 MMD lost in Roan, in 2006 MMD lost to PF in Roan and in 2011 PF was in opposition and [Chishimba] Kambwili won as an opposition since that time MMD was still in power except when PF got government that Kambwili still remained a member of parliament under PF,” he said. “We understand the dynamics of politics in Roan. It’s the constituency for the opposition even when we were going there [campaigning] we knew that here there will be a scenario because they believe so much in those that say ‘I can when I get into office.”

NDC’s Joseph Chishala beat the PF’s Joel Chibuye in the April 11 by-election in Roan despite President Edgar Lungu and Vice-President Inonge Wina taking turns campaigning plus several Cabinet ministers, several MPs and district commissioners having camped in Luanshya rallying support for Chibuye.

Asked about the purpose of the meeting he had in Kapoche, Dr Banda said he came to prepare PF members for intraparty elections to be held next week.

“I came to prepare my people for the intraparty elections to be held probably next week by people from the central committee. We want to elect leaders that can drive the PF agenda in the right direction,” he said. “We need people who have the zeal to drive the PF agenda otherwise if we are not careful, it will be a disaster to elect people who don’t know or understand the ideology of the Patriotic Front party.”

During the indoor meeting, there was drama when ward councillors were accused by party members of causing confusion by attending meetings in Petauke without the knowledge of the party. It is believed some constituency officials and councillors attended a meeting in Petauke in support of Elias Daka for the position of provincial chairperson when the district is in support of the incumbent, Andrew Lubusha.

Constituency chairperson Bvulani Banda confirmed the development in an interview.

“We are worried with our councillors because they are the ones that bring confusion to ward officials because they are found in corrupt issues because they went to attend a meeting in Petauke without the knowledge of the party and that scared us a lot,” he said
Banda said the constituency was rallying behind Lubusha because he was a tested leader.

“Andrew Lubusha is the best. Wwe have seen his leadership for a good period and we are confident that he can take us forward. We tried Eliboma [Elias Daka] when he wanted to stand as member of parliament here and we saw that he can’t ran the province,” said Banda

Headman Chinzule Tryford Banda thanked Dr Banda for frequently visiting the constituency.

“We are happy to have you here. You had your private meeting and what I can say is keep coming, let people see your presence as doing so you will suppress the lies that others spread [that you are not seen],” said Banda.

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  1. Hadley Namakando

    April 22, 2019 at 5:06 am

    Keep on dreaming, you will lose another seat, that is how change comes it does not come at once, the Roan outcome shows you the true picture on the ground, you are eating your electorate are starving, today you think you are standing, it is by shear chance that you won 2015 and 2016 it is because Zambians believed you would continue with Santa’s lagacy, remember you since from those terms of reference, Zambians have seen how short you politicians re, especially in the under ECL always remember, Dynamite Comes In Small Packages, the Demographics of Zambian Politics has changed, PF you are done, your fellow law maker was by marketeers in Nakonde, people have had it, the PF, you re popular for non performance, starting with ECL, himself, Davies Mwila, the truth is you have no face, nothing, you have brought untold misery in Zambia, it is surprising that you can even say it is only in Roan, bwana hunger is not only in Roan, every project, you have given it to the Chinese, some of us are Technocrats, we can do a lot, how many Zambian companies has your Government given a chunk of the projects, it’s only Easterner’s also re relactant,these people at one benefited from the sale of the Mukula logs, you the PF in your selfishness banned trade in the Mukula logs, yet you are selling the Mukula logs to China, you are enjoying, thinking everyone, you are shortsighted, we re for campaigns, it won’t be about dancing, look at how dirty Chinese Construction Sites are, why would China bring Ironsheets all the way from China to come and as a barricade on a construction site, when will Zambian produced Ironsheets going to be sold these re the companies employing the locals, Chinese companies cannot even pay, bwana, compared to companies in the sub region ie South African companies pay better, so bwana, get down from your high horse, Zambians re no dull, they re hard working people, PF, Palibe Future, 2021,Kuyabebele,whom can you convince, I even doubt your popularity in your constituency Dr. Banda

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