My pocket is dry, Zulu tells his constituents

LUANGENI member of parliament Charles Zulu says there is need for Zambians to generate new ideas about how they can develop the country. Addressing a meeting at Nyakalungu Primary School in Khova ward on Thursday, Zulu said the country was faced with financial challenges.

“We have financial challenges in this country, even officers at our parliamentary office have not been paid for three months,” he disclosed.

“If you find that I don’t come regularly like I do, don’t think I can forget you, no! It’s because my pocket is dry. If you see that I was bringing chitenge material but I don’t bring now, it’s because I don’t have money.”

Zulu said people should not lose hope despite the financial challenges that the country was facing.

“Despite all these financial challenges, don’t lose hope because God gave us everything,” he said. “We have everything in Zambia, we have trees, we have grass, good soils and rain water. We only have to work together and generate new ideas about how we are going to develop our country.”

Zulu said he was currently discussing with councillors in the constituency to consider funding various clubs using the next Constituency Development Fund.

Zulu said once funded the clubs would engage in various income generating activities.

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